Current Events
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Baldivis Equestrian & Pony Club Dressage Event 1 2021
Dressage Tas NZ - Woodland Supplies Chance for Advanced - 28 Feb 2021
LVRC Members Only Show Jumping Competition
LVRC Members Only Showjumping
Northern Districts Hack & Dressage Members Dressage Day - 28/02/21
Northside Riding Club Closed Dressage Day
Western Dressage Association of Vic - 28 February 2021 - Competition
February Obstacle Trail for Logan River Redlands
Horseland Round 3 Member Training Competition
MCDC Dressage @Dawn and Dusk
PCV State Dressage Championships
Zamia Adult Riding Club Summer Dressage Series 2021Event 1
2020 Equestrian Tasmania HOTY and Rider Championships
PCQ Test Event
Info Session Event (Tash)
Test event Feb 2021
Busselton H&PC Dressage Event 1
Camden CEI Dressage/Working Equitation - Competition 21/2/2021 (1)
CDG Members Dressage Event
CWDG Official and Closed Unrestricted Competition
Loch Moy Farm Judged Dressage Schooling
MARC Members Only Dressage Training Day
NW FEB Frenzy Competition
RASDEG Members Dressage Day
Rosewood Pony Club Dressage Summer Series February MEMBERS ONLY
Sugarloaf Cobbitty Dressage Closed Restricted Championship Day
SVDC - Closed Unrestricted Competition
WDAWA Summer Show 2021
WEC Protocol Rally
HHSA Young Horse & Pony 2021 Dressage Championships
MDHT February Cross Derby - (Feb 20 and 21) - DATE CHANGE!
Samford Official & Unofficial Dressage & Combined Training
SEG CT Test event
Willinga Park Dressage by the Sea 2021- Event 1
Drysdale Leopold Pony Club Dressage Day
Dressage Judge Training
Northern Districts Hack & Dressage Online Dressage Competition Jan 2021