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Swan Valley Dressage Association 2021 Membership Information


Welcome to the 2021 Swan Valley Dressage Association Membership Application. Please fill in all relevant and * marked boxes. Our discounted membership of $135 for returning 2020 Members runs from 14.12.2020 to 13.01.2021.

Membership will revert to full price of $145 as of the 13.01.2021 when membership will also open to the waitlist and public (should there be any memberships available).

We look forward to a successful and fun year with all our members and their equine partners.


Dates for 2021 Club Calendar:

  • Saturday 20th February – Twilight Training Tests
  • Sunday 21st March – Training and Protocol Tests
  • Saturday 17th April – Training and Protocol Tests
  • Sunday May 9th – Members Only Competition
  • Saturday 19th June – Training and Protocol Tests
  • Saturday 17th July – Training and Protocol Tests
  • Saturday August 14th – Training and Protocol Tests
  • Saturday 2nd October – Training and Protocol Tests
  • Saturday 13th November – Members Only Competition




Renewing Members Full: $135  (Price to revert to full $145.00 as at 13.01.2021)

Full members are entitled to full benefits including participation in clinics and training days held by the Association; entitled to vote at Annual General Meetings and General Meetings; entitled to hold any office of the Association.

A full riding member is covered by SVDA insurance while attending SVDA Training Days/ Competitions/ Clinics.



Junior Members $125  (Price to revert to full $135.00 as at 13.01.2021)

Junior members aged below 18, can enter ridden activities but shall have not voting rights nor participate in the management of the Association.

A junior riding member is covered by SVDA insurance while attending SVDA Training Days/ Competitions/ Clinics.



Social: $35 

Persons who are wishing to further the interests of the Association; can attend un-mounted clinics and seminars held by the Association; no voting rights


Mid Year Membership: $90 (This membership will open on 01.07.2021 for the July Rally)

Full member benefits as above. First rally is the July rally.



Your contribution helps towards the continuation of the club’s events and training days so they can be enjoyed by all. Please indicate with a tick at least 3 dates you would prefer to provide help or nominate a helper for during the year, so we can then allocate a date to you:

Please note your draw time and duty times will be given so as not to interfere with each other. 

A $50.00 refundable helper fee is payable upon joining in 2021 for each member. This fee is paid at the start of the year and on completion of your helper duty during the year at one of our Training and development days or show you will be refunded the $50.00. If you would like to forfeit the $50.00 or do not attend your allocated duty during the year the $50.00 is retained by the club.

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