Australian Ranch Horse

Registration Information

Australian Ranch Horse

We look forward to you joining Australian Ranch Horse


As a member of Australian Ranch Horse, you receive:

  • Membership is for a 12-month period from 1st July to 30th June each year.
  • Official membership to compete in sanctioned Australian Ranch Horse events
  • Selection of classes designed to provide levels of competition for everyone
  • Regular updates of what’s happening in our newsletter
  • Members are eligible to participate in:

–  End of Year Awards

–  Points and Achievement Awards for your horse


Membership Categories:

  • Family: $60.00 per year (2 adults/4 children under 18yrs) from the same household
  • Single Competitor: $30.00 per year
  • Youth: $15.00 per year
  • Single Non-competitor: $15.00 per year

All horse owners, competing and non-competing, must be current members of Australian Ranch Horse for their horse to be eligible to compete.


Choosing the Right Competition Status

Your competition status is based on your overall show experience and not your experience in any particular event or class. You cannot hold more than ONE competition card to compete in events.

  • Open – A person who received payment in the past three years for training and coaching horses, of any discipline. Holds a judges certificate or a member of any Professional Horseman Association.
  • Amateur – Over 19 years of age, do not qualify for Open Status, have won more than five events/classes, cumulatively (overall) in classes excluding conformation classes at any show, or similar events run by an Association, including different disciplines or breeds.
  • Select Amateur - Over 50 years of age 
  • Youth  - A person must be no more than eighteen (18) years of age on 1st July and will be considered eighteen (18) years of age for the balance of that financial year for horse show purpose. Youth cannot compete Amateur divisions.
  • Beginner - Beginners cannot compete in Open divisions, or do not qualify if they have won mofe than 3 events/classes at any show or similiar events run by an Association.

For further clarification please read the official Australian Ranch Horse Rules (AQHA Rule Book)