Primary Owner

Owner/s and Lessees - General Regulations - Article 139 expand_more
  1. All individual owners, including part-owners and syndicates, must be a current member to the respective EA State Branch. Commercial Group affiliates may register a horse under a business name but forfeit the rights of an individual member. EA Clubs and Sport Affiliates are not eligible to register or be part-owners of a horse. The Primary Owner is the owner who is to receive any information relating to the horse, i.e. its registration papers, competition licence etc. Usually the rider or the owner with the largest ownership share is the primary owner.

  2. EA accepts registrations on the understanding that the Person or Body making the registration is the bona fide owner, part-owner or lessee of the horse. EA will accept no responsibility on cases of disputed ownership, which must be settled by the parties concerned.

  3. EA will keep a register of the owners of horses including multiple ownerships. Changes of owners and records of leasing agreements must be entered in the identification papers by EA.

  4. Owners of horses sold or leased must return the identification papers immediately to EA with the name and address of the Purchaser or Lessee. The new owners will pay the change of ownership fee.

  5. Leasing of horses is permitted under the following conditions.

    1. The form and duration of the lease agreement is a matter for the parties concerned; it does not require the approval of EA.

    2. The member to whom the horse is leased is regarded in all respects by EA as the bona fide owner and shall have the same rights and duties.

    3. When a horse is leased this will not be regarded as a change of ownership for the purposes of competition.

    4. If a leasing agreement is cancelled during the period of lease or is renewed, EA must receive written confirmation from the parties of the lease.