ANWE NSW State Championships 2024

K Ranch Arena

10:00 AM
01:00 PM


17th to 19th May 2024 @ K-Ranch Arena

3 days /4 phases of Working Equitation for all levels !

* HOTY Competition

* All Levels

* Teams Event

* BBQ dinner Saturday night included in entry fee !

* Ribbons to 6th 

* Prizes and great sponsors !

This event will be held in accordance with current ANWEL Rule Book.  

Please be familiar with all rules and dressage tests



BRIDLE NUMBERS & ANWE LEVY:   Bridle numbers are compulsory and  ANWE Levy must be current . 

VOLUNTEERS:  All riders will be allocated a small ground crew job during the event eg course setter, gear steward, penciller etc. A volunteer roster will be emailed prior please be available to help or let us know of any changes.

SCRATCHINGS: Via Nominate   Will be accepted up to the closing date of the event.

REFUNDS:  50% refund  will be given if scratched before the closing date. After the closing date with a vet or medical certificate 20 % will be refunded .

All refunds are less Nominate 5.5 % fee .

Scratchings within 48hrs of event are unfortunately non -refundable .

LEVELS:  All levels from Introductory to Masters.
Horses must enter at their normal competition level or higher.  Proof may be required.  Horses may only compete at one level per event

One rider per horse for the entire per rule 6.9 A horse may only be ridden by its nominated rider on the competition grounds.

The Organising Committee reserves the right to delete any class in the case of insufficient entries.

ANWE NSW reserves the right to refuse any entry.

 No horses are to be ridden at the event or on event grounds unless they are entered in the event.

DRAW:   The draw will be emailed to all entrants one week prior.Draw position cannot be changed without the permission of the Organising Committee. 

DRAW TIMES:  Please be aware of your draw times and be ready !  If you are late you may be eliminated from that phase.  Although you may still compete in the next phase

Code of conduct: Please be aware that ANWEL has a yellow card offence system in place.  Please refer to the ANWEL Rule Book

CANCELLATION OF EVENTIn the event the competition is cancelled as determined by the Organising Committee at its discretion, entry fees will be refunded less the $10.00 administra Nominate Processing Fee.

These fees are non-refundable. The ANWE NSW Facebook page will be updated in the event of any changes.  Any changes after the closing date will be notified to all entered competitors by email via Nominate.

CALLERS:  Callers are permitted in all phases:

 Dressage phase will be penalised 5 points

 Ease of Handling phase will be penalised 5 points

Speed Phase will receive a 10 second penality.

ATTIRE AND GEAR: Please refer the rulebook and be aware of gear and attire restrictions

GEAR CHECK:  Gear checks for riders and horses are compulsory prior to each phase by the Gear Steward.  Elimination will occur if gear checks are not completed at the correct time.

Please be aware of restrictions on gear changes between phases.  Failure to do so may cause elimination.

COURSE WALK:  Times WILL BE STRICTLY adhered to as per the draw when issued.  A course walk with the course builder will be available - see draw times.  The course must be walked in full competition attire.

DOGS:  All dogs must be kept on a leash.  Dogs, children, prams etc. are not allowed in the actual competition and warmup areas.

SWABBING :  Random swabbing may take place. If approached by the Official Steward/Vet Officer of the day, the person responsible for the horse must allow samples to be taken

DISPUTES:  From time to time there may be the need to lodge a protest in relation to the results of a competition.  In these instances, it is essential to follow the Protest Protocol in the ANWEL Rule Book Section 9.  Judge’s decision is FINAL.

Ground jury will be named and included in the riders’ draw.

ACCOMMODATION:  Camp Sites / Stables / Day Yards and Day Stays should be booked directly with KRanch via Nominate . Arrivals from Wednesday are permiited , departures up to and including Monday are permitted .

ARENA FAMILIARISATION:  The indoor arena will be available  Thursday 9am -2pm in 20 minute intervals for arena familiarisation . Cost will be $ 20 pp per interval and is restricted to one interval per rider. This may open up for multiple bookings if all time slots are not filled . 4 riders at a time .

Please be mindful of other riders and while some obstacles will be out , please note this is arena familiarisation not obstacle practice.

Please present to gear check register at your alloted time .

SCORINGWill be in accordance with the ANWEL Rule Book.  Live scoring for Dressage/EOH/Speed will be available via Nominate .

PHOTO & VIDEO:   Please advise the Organising Committee if you DO NOT wish photos of you or your horse to be used for promotional purposes.

* Georgia Young Photography will be attending this event *

BBQ DINNER : Join us Saturday night for a BBQ buffet dinner included with your entry !  Extra tickets for dinner can be purchased through Nominate when you enter for $ 32 pp. (Listed under Arena Familiarisation Options )Please also advise any dietary needs.



Teams event is only open to competitors in competitive levels

Team entry to be completed by Team Captain via Nominate

Team entries (3 or 4 riders) - $200 per Team  

8.10.1 Teams must consist of a minimum of three, and a maximum of four riders and all riders must compete in all in all four phases.

8.10.2 The best three scores in Dressage will count toward the Team Champion. As will the three best scores in Maneability, Speed and Cattle (refer Appendix 111)

8.10.3 In the event of a Team consisting of three horses all points awarded will be used for that team.


1.  Horse riding is a dangerous activity and can result in serious injury (including death) and loss.

2.  All persons who ride or tend a horse on the competition grounds do so entirely at their own risk.

Any rider who fails to comply with the Conditions of Entry or a direction from any member of the Committee may be eliminated

Neither ANWEL or any of its affiliated States or Clubs, Equestrian Australia, the ANWE NSW  Committee, nor any member thereof accepts any liability for any damage, accident, injury or illness (including death) to horse, owners, spectators and volunteers suffered by any person or property whatsoever.

Thankyou for entering !

We look forward to seeing you !

Please direct any enquiries to

Level 1 Introductory 1.1 2024
Level 2 Preparatory 2.1 2024
Level 3 Preliminary 3.1 2024
Level 4 Debutante W 4.1 2024
Level 5 Debutante F Test 5.1 2024
Level 6 Consagrados 2 Test 6.A
Level 7 Consagrados 1 2024
Level 8 Masters Test 8.A 2024
Australian National Working Equitation Ltd Teams Event

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