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Gidgegannup Dressage Club Autumn Competition

Gidgegannup Showgrounds

Gidgegannup Dressage Club


Gidgegannup Dressage Club Autumn Competition

SUNDAY 25 March 2018

Gidgegannup Showgrounds, Gidgegannup

We are very excited to announce the 2018 edition of the ever popular Gidgegannup Dressage Club Competition.
Offering classes from Preliminary to Small tour for EA Competitor and Preliminary & Novice for EA Participant members (including Adult Riding placing’s in Participant), with separate classes and placing’s for horses and ponies.

Classes: - Competitor Preliminary to Advanced, Prix St George, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Grand Prix, Participant Preliminary to Novice and GDC Members Only Classes.

Tests: - P1.1, N2.1, E3.1, M4.1, A5.1, PSG, Intermediate I, Intermediate II & Grand Prix

Costs: - $40 per test, Levies - $8 for 1 test, $14 for 2 tests, Refundable Helper Duty $20, GDC members $10 discount on entries.

General Information:

Entry Information

Entries are ONLY accepted via nominate and a maximum of 2 tests at consecutive levels may be ridden per horse/pony.


A Helper’s Fee will be charged on entry and is refundable in cash after completion of the duty on the day. Helper’s Fee refunds cannot be offered thereafter.

You can choose from a list of helper jobs, with your choice seen as an “expression of interest” and we reserve the right to allocate any other job.

Self Help is acceptable for riders entering 2 tests or less. Riders with multiple horses, entering 3 or more tests are kindly requested to provide a non-riding helper.

Closing Date

16th March 2018 MIDNIGHT. Late entries will NOT be accepted.

Draw Information

The draw will be available: 21st March 2018 on the GDC website http://www.gidgegannupdressageclub.com/

No preferences / No changes / No amendments.


Scratching before close of entries must be done via nominate.

Thereafter via email to alex_devenish@hotmail.com. Please ensure you have full understanding of the Scratching/Refund Policy detailed in Item H of our Conditions of Entry.

Adult Riders

EWA Adult riders are eligible to compete in the Participant classes and eligible for Adult Rider Placings. Adult riders must state on their entries they are an Adult Rider and their Home Club. Adult riders may compete in Adult Riders Club Uniform or as per EA Dressage Rules dress. All other saddlery and equipment must be in accordance with the current EA Dressage Rules 2018.

Pony Classes

Separate Pony Classes will be offered at all levels up to and including Advanced.


Full canteen will be running on the day.


Stables are available and can be used on a first-come-first-serve basis. We allow the feeding of hay in all of our stables, however it is a requirement that any stable is being thoroughly cleaned after use. The organising committee will check continuously throughout the competition that this is being adhered to.


Protective Headgear must conform to the CURRENT approved safety standards. It is the rider’s responsibility to have a full understanding of these standards. The Organising Committee and/or the Technical Delegate/Steward reserve the right to check any rider’s helmet.

Bridle numbers

Please ensure you read the information on bridle numbers in Section C.C (Competitors Members) and D.B (Participant Members) in our Conditions of Entry.

Special “Senior” Prizes – sponsored by Hanoverian Riding Wear International

Riders aged 55 and over can receive a special prize (Placings 1-6 for highest percentage in ALL classes). Please ensure you register in this category with your entry.   


Conditions of Entry

A completed entry acknowledges understanding and acceptance of all Conditions of Entry.

  1. This event will be conducted in accordance with the current EA Dressage Rules and FEI Dressage rules where the former do not apply.
  2. Competitor Classes:
    1. Rider must be a Competitor member of the EA
    2. Horses and Ponies must be EA registered and have a Dressage Performance Card.
      1. Ponies must hold a current, valid EA height certificate showing they do not exceed 149cm with shoes or 148cm without shoes. 
      2. A rider may ride a pony in Competitor competition from start of the year they turn 8 years of age. A rider may ride a horse in Competitor competition from the start of the year they turn 10 years of age. There is no maximum age for riding horses or ponies in Competitor competition.
    3. Bridle Numbers: One on each side of the bridle or saddle cloth is required and must be clearly visible. Should be worn whenever the horse is being lead, grazed, under saddle at any time.
  3. Participation Classes:
    1. Rider must be a Participant or Competitor or Adult Riding member of the EWA.
      1. Horses and Ponies do not need to be EA registered to be eligible to compete.
      2. Age restrictions are the same as Competitor EA rules
    2. Bridle Numbers: Participant & Adult Riding Members will be ALLOCATED a “bridle number” and must wear these on each side of the bridle or saddle cloth, clearly visible. Should be worn whenever the horse is being lead, grazed, under saddle at any time.
  4. All Membership & registration documents must be available on request.
  5. Amendments to the draw may be made no later than 48 hours before the start of the event. Gidgegannup Dressage Club will attempt to contact competitors if a change affects them but final responsibility is on the competitor to check the draw on the day of competition. Whilst every attempt will be made to adhere to the start times in the draw, it is the rider's responsibility to be aware via the Marshall/ Gear Checker if an arena is running ahead of schedule. If this does occur you may be asked to ride earlier than the draw time.
  6. It is recommended that any competitor report to the Marshall/Gear Checker for inspection 20 minutes prior to competing. Riders who do not complete a gear check will incur elimination.
  7. Refunds for scratchings
    1. Before Entries Close: 100% refund - including Helper fee (via nominate only)
    2. After Entries Close: 50% refund (if accompanied by a vet/medical certificate by 28 March 2017) – the Helper fee can only be returned if the helper duty is completed.
      1. All Refunds AFTER close of entries will be actioned through nominate immediately following the event.
  8. Warm up etiquette - Riding rules for warm up areas are as documented in the EA Handbook. Correct protocol in the warm up arena is expected. It is the rider’s responsibility to have a full understanding of the warm-up etiquette.
  9. Competitors, Ground Staff and Volunteers: These people are essential in the running of competitions and events and are to be treated with respect. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Verbal or physical bullying behavior will be reported to EA and disciplinary action may be taken.
  10. Duty of care: It is your responsibility to promptly report unsafe and or hazardous situations to the Event Organiser.
  11. Stallion Safe Practices Guidelines: The EA has strict rules relating to the handling of stallions at events. If this code is adhered to, the likelihood of an accident involving a loose stallion will be minimised.  It is understood that ‘accidents’ can happen but taking all possible precautions and making all riders aware of the presence of a stallion minimises the possibility of accidents.  Competitors with stallions should refer to the EA for the most recent guidelines on how to handle stallions including what gear is required including the ‘green disk’ to be displayed.
  12. Disclaimer of Liability: Neither the Organising Committee, nor Gidgegannup Dressage Club, accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses,  owners, grooms, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.


Participant Preliminary 1.1
Participant Preliminary 1.1 (PONY)
Participant Novice 2.1
Participant Novice 2.1 (PONY)
Competitive Preliminary 1.1
Competitive Preliminary 1.1 (PONY)
Competitor Novice 2.1
Competitor Novice 2.1 (PONY)
Competitor Elementary 3.1
Competitor Elementary 3.1 (PONY)
Competitor Medium 4.1
Competitor Medium 4.1 (PONY)
Competitor Advanced 5.1
Competitor Advanced 5.1 (PONY)
Prix St George
Inter I
Inter II
Grand Prix

Event Notes


Contact Details

Alex Devenish-Krauth




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