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Come and share our dreams and visions for MRWEQ.  

Montana’s Run Working Equitation Inc. (MRWEQ) has been created to complement the existing WEQ clubs and provide a dedicated training venue to further the training of horse and rider combinations who have already gained some experience in this fantastic sport. We will be focusing our training days on helping riders whose goal it is to be actively training for competitions in a fun, supportive and respectful team environment.  Riders will already need to have a good understanding of the WEQ rulebooks, as the training format will be similar to competitions. What's even better, as the club grounds are a dedicated WEQ venue, there will be minimal set-up and pack away for riders.  Turn up, saddle up, report for teams' meeting and ride!  

Riders will be split up into training teams with similar horse/ rider combinations where possible, to train together and support each other at the levels they will be competing at in 2019, with a view to helping support each other to move up through the levels of working equitation with progressive training of both horse and rider.

Just like WEQ Competitions, our Training days will be broken up into phases. 

  • 4 Teams of riders (ideally at similar competition level).
    • 1 group on dressage,
    • 1 group on Ease of Handling,
    • 1 group on Dry Cattle Work and
    • 1 group as ground crew.
    • Each rider rotating through the 4 phases and 4 groups.


Ride your full competition dressage test in a purpose built fully fenced dressage arena with your fellow riders in a supportive team environment. Have one of your team mates as a caller or ride without.

Ease of Handling
Ride a full sized competition course with purpose built obstacles. Training to put together a harmonious obstacle course, focusing on “dressage with obstacles”, practicing obstacles at all gaits and including transitions and lines between the obstacles.
Course maps will be sent out by email before the training day for members to learn just like for a normal competition.

Dry Cattle Work
Riders will be broken up into pairs with horses mirroring horses. Working on stops and turns and will include the assistance and support of team mates and/ or a mechanical cow. We will also be working on practical training examples of how a cattle phase competition is run.  It is highly likely the horses will be cantering in this training. You must let us know if you are unable to canter your horse safely (for safety requirements!)

***March 3rd - Exciting News - We've managed to organise an Instructor; Danny Woodlands to help us with the dry cattle work and mechanical cow.  2 to 3 riders at a time, of similar level will work with Danny to start learning the basics for the fourth phase of team cattle work***


Gates Open 7:30 am.  Riders Meeting (mounted) 8:30am for teaming sorting.

221 Sandy Creek Rd, Mount Vincent

The entrance gate for the property is 2.21km from Leggits drive intersection on the left hand side (M1 side of the road).  It is just a driveway & gates entrance on Sandy creek rd.  There is a white sign on the side of the road with property name "Montana's Run". Follow the long driveway into property.  Take the two bends slow and wide with floats/trucks.  When you go over the bridge, go up the hill past the large shade cloth area. Horse floats take the driveway to the left for float parking.  Horse trucks taller than 3.5m must proceed straight ahead and park next to the sheds and arena due to low  power line to "Wolf Cottage accomodation".

Training day requirements 

  1. Training days will only be open to riding members of MRWEQ inc. to meet our insurance guidelines. There is no facility for day insurance at this stage.  We welcome new club riding members who are looking for assistance with competing in WEQ and moving up into the competitive levels of working equitation. Memberships are currently open.
  2. You will need to bring sufficient food, water & buckets for your horse.  We are on tank water, with no access to town water facilities. We appreciate your understanding in these dry times. Please clean up manure. 
  3. Helmets must be worn and fastened at all times whilst riding.
  4. No dogs are to be brought with you (there are plenty available on the property for cuddle therapy already).


Preparatory (trot everything) -includes dry cattle instructor
Includes shared Instructor fee
Preliminary (trot obstacles, canter between) - includes dry cattle instructor
Includes shared Instructor fee
Novice (Canter, simple / trot changes) - includes dry cattle instructor
Includes shared Instructor fee
Elementary (Canter, walk changes) - includes dry cattle instructor
Includes shared Instructor fee
Medium (canter flying changes) - includes dry cattle instructor
Includes shared Instructor fee
Advanced (Canter, Flying changes, One handed) - includes dry cattle instructor
Includes shared Instructor fee
Masters - includes dry cattle instructor
Includes shared Instructor fee

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Scott Tomlinson
Scott & Arianna Tomlinson

Check your nominate receipt to get your course map!  Its attached as a PDF :)




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