Eventing NSW Live Results

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Live scoring results are provisional until after the Event, you must check posted scores at the event, before leaving!

Do not expect for any changes to be made to results if you do not present to the office, in person and speak to the Officials.


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Ø  Equestriad December 2021

Ø  Quirindi November 2021

Ø  Wagga at Narrandera 2021

Ø  Denman June 2021

Ø  Nana Glen CT & ODE June 2021

Ø  Coonabarabran EXPO 2021

Ø  Harden May 2021

Ø  Equestriad at Camden

Ø  Albury May 2021

Ø  Sydney 3DE 2021

Ø  Berrima Horse Trials Autumn ODE May 2021

Ø  Wallaby Hill International April 2021

Ø  Quirindi April 2021

Ø  Tamworth International Eventing March 2021

Ø  NCHTA Canberra Feb 2021

Ø  Sydney at SIEC Feb 2021

Ø  NCEC Nana Glen Feb 2021

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Codes for Cross Country Elimination

XC-FH… Fall of Horse

XC-FR… Fall of Rider

XC-R… Refusals (3 or more)

XC-BD…Breakable Device

XC-DR…Dangerous Riding

XC-AH…Abuse of Horse

XC-TH…Trapped Horse

XC-OT…Other, error of course etc


Reverse Qualification (Applies to International and National)

A reverse qualifications is triggered by two consecutive Cross Country eliminations or a total of three Cross Country eliminations within a 12 months rolling period of time in competitions EvA95 and above.

For this purpose the relevant reasons of elimination on Cross Country would be:

a)       Three refusals… XC-R

b)      Fall of Horse or Athlete… XC-FR or XC-FH

c)       Dangerous riding…XC-DR

d)      Trapped Horse…XC-TH

Please check results and be mindful when entering competitions if the Combination (horse & rider) or the horse has been eliminated twice consecutively or three times in 12 months.

 The horse (or combination if applicable) is required to obtain at least one MER, at the level below, the level that triggered Reverse Qualification.