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Oran Park Raceway


Postal Address

Cobbitty Road
Oran Park NSW


Grand Prix Circuit

Australia’s only figure 8 national circuit! This 2.6km layout incorporates the Yokohama Bridge as well as 12 of the most challenging corners in Australia. The best place in Australia to watch V8 Supercars, or any other mortorsport. With a mixture of slow, technical corners and fast sweepers, as well as some exciting changes of height. The Grand Prix circuit can be split up into two separate circuits to be used simultaneously.

South Circuit

The original Oran park circuit built in 1962 consists of the main straight, pit lane garages and a constant radius 180 degree turn at the end. The scene of a number of great touring car battles in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

North Circuit

The 800m figure-8 circuit was added to the South Circuit on 1973 in time for Oran Park Raceway to host the Australian Grand Prix. A short circuit consisting of two left and two right turns. Ideal for driver training and home to Oran Park’s now-famous Driftland.

Skid Pan

A custom-built driver training facility. The skid pan can be wet down to assist drivers in a number of driver training activities. Adding to flexibility of the skid pan is a long bitumen road leading to the skidpan, allowing vehicles to enter the skid pan at speed.

“Flat” Rally Circuit

A dirt track with a number of different possible layouts. Excellent for dirt-track competitive events and home to Sideways Action Rally School.

Motocross & Rally track.

Oran Park’s motocross track consists of a wide variety of jumps and corners, and is used exclusively by the Macarthur Motocross Club. When not in use as a motocross track, the facility is used as a four wheel drive training facility and a test facility for rally cars and drivers.

Four Wheel Drive park

This is a purpose built park designed to train drivers in many facets of driving four wheel drive vehicles. This includes climbs, side to side elevations and even swimming vehicles through water. An excellent way to test the capabilities of your vehicle and yourself. A favourite of four wheel drive manufacturers for testing and evaluation of four wheel drives.


Oran Park Raceway has been Sydney's favourite motor racing venue since 1962. Oran Park Raceway is home to 3 motor racing circuits, 2 dirt circuits, 2 four wheel drive training venues and a skid pan.

Oran Park Raceway is steeped in tradition and holds pride of place in Australian motorsport as the longest continuous host of a round of the Australian Touring Car championship (currently V8 Supercars). Oran Park is a home to all motorsport, from V8 Supercars to club motorkhanas and everything in between. See you at the track.

How To Get There

From the city of Sydney

Take the Eastern Distributor past Sydney Airport to the M5 motorway. Follow the M5 to the Camden Valley Way exit.

Follow Camden Valley way to Cobbitty Road, turn right into Cobbitty Road and the Cobbitty Road entrance is less than 5 minutes away.

From the Western Suburbs

Take the M4 to the Northern Road exit and follow Northern Road to Oran Park Raceway. Oran Park Raceway is about 25 minutes from the Northern Road exit of the M4.

From the North of Sydney

Exit the Northern Freeway at Hornsby and follow the pacific Highway into the city, Take the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and follow the directions from the City of Sydney.

From South of Sydney

The easiest way is to find the M5 and take the M5 west to the Beech road exit. Turn left onto Beech road and right onto Camden Valley Way. Continue along Camden Valley way for 15 kilometers and turn right into Cobbitty road. Oran Park is 5 kilometers on the right. For Family hill continue past the pit entry and turn right onto The Northern Road and enter off The Northern Road.