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Wakefield Park


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Wakefield Park not only boasts one of the best short circuit layouts in Australia, but also offers visitors first rate support facilities. We have featured a few of these below.

Control Tower / Timing System

Wakefield Park's control tower is the central point of the circuit, located on the start/finish line. It contains very sophisticated timing systems, and is where the running of all race meetings and corporate timed events are operated. For corporate bookings, every lap time is recorded and available at the end of heats and races.


At Wakefield Park, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and all-round safety. All drivers are given thorough instructions on safety from our Clerk of Course, and are strictly monitored throughout their time on the track. Wakefield Park has a cleared infield which helps reduce the risk of damage and injury in motor racing.

Garage Facilities

Carport and garage structures are available for race day or general use. There are 30 Lock-up Pit-Lane garages and 60 Carports with another 11 garages nearby, all available for hire.

Cafe and Coffee Shop

The circuit has a coffee shop and cafe onsite. These facilities are open when the circuit is open for business. Our modern indoor cafeteria and catering area is surrounded by lawns and undercover paved areas. Whether it be that corporate function or something quick and easy, we will make it available. Our coffee shop is the perfect place for mum's to spectate and enjoy coffee and cake, whilst children can play in the playground nearby.

Administration Offices

Our full-time staff are always on hand to answer any questions and be of service to you.

Car Parking

Wakefield Park has ample car parking and can comfortably cater for the largest attendances, as experienced during the 2003 Procar Championship Series, where a crowd in excess of 15,000 was catered for with ease.


One of NSW's premier motor racing circuits Toyo Arch
located near Goulburn, between Sydney and Canberra. Wakefield Park is open every weekend and most weekdays throughout the year.

There are race or private track bookings available most weekends. Aside from private track bookings during the week, the general public are always welcome to drive their own car on our Speed off the Street Days, or to experience the thrill of a V8 Supercar (ride or drive yourself), when booked in advance (check the Events Calendar for scheduled days).

The onsite cafe is open to the public every day, regardless of a private or public track day booking.

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