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Venue Introduction

Please Note:

Bookings calculate per day or part thereof. If you are leaving the venue prior to 6am, please put your departure date as the day before. Stables being used after 6am on the departure day will incur another day's hire fee.

Stables will not be unlocked prior to 6am on the arrival day.

Bookings must be made no later than 2 business days prior to the commencement of the first day of the event.

Fees (including GST) as per Fraser Coast Regional Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges (2016/2017):

Stables & Yards $7.00 per stable/yard per day or part thereof ($23.00 refundable stable/yard bond if left clean; or stable cleaning fee paid upfront is $11.00 per stable) 

Tack Rooms $7.00 per day or part thereof

MSEP Provides shavings for use in the stables.

The Stabling system used at MSEP is powered by Nominate.com.au
Your credit card statement will have a charge from NOMINATE PTY LTD MILBONG.

Nominate also provides
- Online Entries for Events
- Online Club Memberships