01-CCN1*S sponsored by Horseland
Riders: 18
02-EvA95 Sponsored by Silvan
Riders: 22
03-EvA80 Sponsored by Devilees Airconditioning and Refrigeration and Prydes
Riders: 42
05-EV65 Sponsored by Haeuslers and Mallee Custom Towing
Riders: 36
06-EV50 Sponsored by Banana Feeds
Riders: 19
CT01-Combined Training CCN2*
Riders: 3
CT03-Combined Training CCN4*
Riders: 1
D01-Competitive Preliminary Test 1B sponsored by Sue Kircher
Riders: 9
D02-Competitive Preliminary Test 1C sponsored by Crimson Kings
Riders: 7
D03-Competitive Novice Test 2B sponsored by Rustons Restaurant
Riders: 15
D04-Competitive Novice Test 2C sponsored by Kathryn Drysdale
Riders: 13
D05-Competitive Elementary Test 3A sponsored by Riverland Boarding Kennels
Riders: 5
D06-Competitive Elementary Test 3B sponsored by Poles Plastering and Property Maintenance
Riders: 4
D07-Competitive Medium Test 4A sponsored by Mildura Rug Repairs
Riders: 10
D08-Competitive Medium Test 4B sponsored by Mildura Private Health Consulting
Riders: 9
D08B-Competitive Advanced 5A
Riders: 1
D09-EvA45 & EvA60 Eventing Test A sponsored by the Blanch Family
Riders: 25
D10-EvA45 & EvA60 Eventing Test B sponsored by Amie Kontogiannis
Riders: 31
D11-EvA80 Eventing Test B sponsored by Bespoken Blooms
Riders: 22
D12-EvA95 Eventing Test B sponsored by Deakin Data Bookkeeping
Riders: 16
D13-CCN1* Eventing Test B sponsored by the Behsmann Hay
Riders: 18
D14-CCI2* Eventing Test A sponsored by Fyfed Horses
Riders: 4
SJ-Friday Unofficial Show Jumping, max 2 rounds sponsored by Kate Attard Equine and Canine
Riders: 63
SJ01-Junior 6 Bar Feature Event Sponsored by JAAG Professional Builders
Riders: 5
SJ02-Open 6 Bar Feature Event Sponsored by Petstock
Riders: 3