2021 Hallmark Farm Cross Country Derby Championship Series - Round 3

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2021 Hallmark Farm Cross Country Derby Championship Series
Entries on www.nominate.com.au

(Totally unofficial open to all EA, PC and NON EA and PC members you literally just need a horse and like doing Xc!!)

All the fun of eventing - without the stressage!!

Hallmark Farm will be holding a 3 part Derby Championship series

October 17th 2021 -
November 14th 2021
December 12th 2021

Entries secretary: Megan Jones - all enquires email only please on

Closing dates - 11.59pm the Monday before each Derby day so
October 11th
November 8th
December 6th

Entry fees
$50 per class
$10 medical levy
$5 optional donation to Eventing Discipline Committee

Draw and times will be posted on nominate the Wednesday before each Derby

Please see the FAQ page for all the answers to your burning questions on how the competition will run, rules, the championship series and where to loo is, how good the food will be and is there going to be a coffee van?

Classes offered

1. Poles on the ground -15cm

Div 1 (competition round)
Div 2 (training round 1 )
Div 3 (training round 2)

2. 50 - 65cm (more towards 50cm)

Div 1 (competition round)
Div 2 (training round 1)
Div 2 (training round 2)

3. 80cm
Div 1 (competition round)
Div 2 (training round 1)
Div 3 (training round 2)

4. 95cm
Div 1 (competition round)
Div 2 (training round)

5. 105cm
Div 1 (competition round)
Div 2 (training round)

6. 110cm
Div 1 (competition round)
Div 2 (training round)


Q. When can I enter?
A. Entries will open on nominate

Q. What is a Derby?
A. A cross country course with a few show jumps

Q. Can the rider be on a lead line?
A. Yes in class 1 and we encourage it for any rider feeling like they would like to try but need someone to “just be there on the end of the rope” and even young horses if this is one of their first outings

Q. How many rounds can i enter?
A. Up to 3 rounds of classes 1 - 3.
Up to 2 rounds of classes 4 - 6

Q. Can i enter more then 1 height?
A. Yes you can,

Q. Do i have to enter all 3 days?
A. No you don’t you can do as little or as much as you want

Q. Will there be prizes at each derby day or just the series winners?
A. Prizes 1st to 6th at each Derby day in each class
AND prizes 1st to 3rd for the overall series leader board winner in each class

Q. What is “The Championship Series”?
A. There are placings and prizes 1st to 6th in each class at each Derby day and you win points (see points table at the end of FAQ)
Points are tallied on the Leader Board after each competition.

*** every clear jumping round (if your are NOT in the top 6) will be awarded 2 points **

At the end of the series there will be prizes awarded to the top 3 on the leader board of each class.

Q. Do I have to do all 3 Derby’s to be able to win points on the Leander board?
A. No you just get add to the leader board as you awarded points

Q. If i enter one class 2 times will i get double the points ?
A. No this is how it will work -
When you enter on nominate
classes 1 - 3 will have 3 divisions you can enter
Classes 4 - 6 will have 2 divisions you can enter
(See Q. 4 above)

If you decide for example to to enter class 1 twice and class 2 once you would enter
Division 1 and 2 of class 1
Division 1 of class 2

Prizes and points will only be awarded to division 1 of each class
Division 2 or 3 of each class is for your second or third round at that height for extra training only.

Q. How do i win?
A. With a clear round closest to the optimum time

Q. Can a wear a watch?
A. No

Q. How many penalties for a rail down?
A. 4

Q. How many penalties for a stop on course?
A. 20 for a stop at either a Xc jump or a Sj

Q. What if i miss a jump or jump the jumps in the wrong order?
A. Sorry but elimination (but you will not be stopped you can keep going)

Q. What if a fall off?
A. Elimination and you will need to be seen by the medics before you head back to the float

Q. How many refusals on course can i have before i have to retire?
A. Classes 1 - 3 unlimited but if your looking over faced and your horse isn’t coping you will be stopped by an offical and have to retire. (horses welfare is priority)

Classes 4 - 6 after your 4th refusal you will need to retire and walk home

Q. What if i go over the optimum time?
A. You will receive 0.4 of a penalty for every second over optimum time

Q. What if i go under the optimum time?
A. You get no penalties

Q. What if I’m equal on time with someone else with a clear round, how do we decide who places higher and gets the championship points?
A. You are just equal and will both get great prizes and points

Q. How many show jumps are there on the course?
A. Anywhere from 1 - 3 depending on the class

Q. Do I need a body protector?
A. Yes you do

Q. Dose my helmet need to be tagged?
A. Yes - we will have tags on the day

Q. This is my first time doing anything like this. What safety gear do i have to wear?
A. You must wear an approved (and tagged) helmet with the chin strap fastened at all times. And must conform with one of the current approved safety standard: helmet checking and tagging will be available on the day

- The current Australian standard (AS/NZS 3838 - helmets from 2006 onward, providing they are SAI Global marked).
- New Australian standard (ARB HS 2012 provided they are SAI Global marked).
- Current American standard (ASTM F1163 2004a or 04a onwards provided they are SEI marked).
- Current American standard (SNELL E2001).
- Current Britsh standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011 provided they are BSI Kitemarked).
Interum European Standard (VG1 01.040: 2014-12 with or without BSI Kitemark).

Sounds hard to follow? Don’t worry you can easily find out the safety standard of your
helmet just by checking the tag on the inside (sometimes in can be hiding behind the liner!)

You will also require a body protector. Manufactured after 2009 to the EN13158:2009 standard or also know as BETA 3 standard.

Number holders: not a safety issue however you will require one so you can slip your number into it so we can Identify each rider on course. You can buy these from most saddlery stores (or borrow a friends!!)

Q. How do i get my number ? If i enter more then one level will I have different numbers?
A. Ok so once the draw is sent out you will be allocated a different number for each class or division you entered .
You will need to print theses numbers out before you leave home on A4 paper (standard size)

** hot tip ** if you have never ridden multiple Xc classes before here’s a helpful tip.
Put all of your numbers in your number holder at the beginning of the day in the order of your ride times with the first horse number on top. As you complete each ride simply pull that top number out so the next one is ready to go.

More important notes

1. There will also be a loo close to the exit gate of the car park, on your way to the Xc start, after your warm up for any last min nerves
2. There will be a food van
3. There will be a coffee van
4. There is a winery literally down the hill as well….. just saying ……
5. Music - of course
6. Plenty of cool viewing areas and you can see the whole course from one spot

Championship series points

1st - 12 points
2nd - 11 points
3rd - 10 points
4th - 9 points
5th - 8 points
6th - 7 points

A Clear jumping round not in top 6 placings - 2 points

Ponies and Parents
Poles on Ground - 15cm - Div 1 (competition round)
Poles on Ground - 15cm - Div 2 (training round 1)
Poles on Ground - 15cm - Div 3 (training round 2)
Poles on Ground - 15cm - Div 3 (training round 3)
Poles on Ground - 15cm - Div 3 (training round 4)
50-65cm (more towards 50cm) - Div 1 (competition round)
50-65cm (more towards 50cm) - Div 2 (training round 1)
50-65cm (more towards 50cm) - Div 3 (training round 2)
50-65cm (more towards 50cm) - Div 3 (training round 3)
50-65cm (more towards 50cm) - Div 3 (training round 4)
80cm - Div 1 (competition round)
80cm - Div 2 (training round 1)
80cm - Div 3 (training round 2)
95cm - Div 1 (competition round)
95cm - Div 2 (training round)
105cm - Div 1 (competition round)
105cm - Div 2 (training round)
110cm - Div 1 (competition round)
110cm - Div 2 (training round)
115cm - Div 1 (Competition round)
115cm - Div 2 (Training round)

Event Notes


Contact Details

Megan Jones
Megan Jones
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