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Event Type : Dressage

CWDG Closed Event Club Championships 2018

Blayney Showground

Central Western Dressage Group Inc



Closed Restricted

Club Championships

21st October 2018

Venue: Marshalls Lane, Blayney Showground


Lunch and drinks will be available


  • CWDG Club Members only
  • Awards: For Champions in each level for events 1 - 7
  • Prizes: ribbons
  • Jackpot: Jackpot Class will be randomly chosen. There must be more than five (5) competitors in the event for it to be eligible to be a Jackpot Class.  Winners of Jackpot Classes to receive $30, second $20 and third $10. 

Entry Fees:  CWDG Members: $35 per level (eg Prelim 1.2 and 1.3 or Elementary 3.2 and 3.3) 

Admin Fee: Compulsory $5.00 per horse. 

This means your entry fee will be $40 for 2 classes

ATTENTION: Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Dogs, children, prams etc are not allowed in the competition area.

Video Cameras and equipment must be kept at least 10 metres from the arena, preferably at C or A end of arena.


** Please note:  to be eligible for Champion, you must enter both classes in a level eg: Classes 2a and 2b (Prelim 1:2 and Prelim 1:3)  **

CWDG Club Championships


Closed Event
Champion Level Event Competition
Preparatory 1a Prep D
1b Prep E
Preliminary 2a Prelim 1.2
2b Prelim 1.3
Novice 3a Nov 2.2
3b Nov 2.3
Elementary 4a Elem 3.2
4b Elem 3.3
Medium 5a Med 4.2
5b Med 4.3
Advanced  6a Adv 5.2
6b Adv 5.3
Small Tour 7a Prix St George
7b Intermediate 1



Sunday 21st October 2018

Closed Restricted

CR Preparatory D
CR Preparatory E
CR Preliminary 1.2
CR Preliminary 1.3
CR Novice 2.2
CR Novice 2.3
CR Elementary 3.2
CR Elementary 3.3
CR Medium 4.2
CR Medium 4.3
CR Advanced 5.2
CR Advanced 5.3
CR Small Tour - Prix St Georges
CR Small Tour - Intermediate 1

Event Notes

Uncovered yards $20/day
Powered sites $15/night
Unpowered site FREE

Contact Details

Christine Green
0419 661 667 or chgreen@me.com
Christine Green
0419 661 667 or chgreen@me.com
Cheryl Gander
0417 665 324‬

Central Western Dressage Group Inc Events

Conditions of Entry 2018

Events will be held in accordance with current Equestrian Australia (EA) Dressage rules as amended except where FEI rules apply. The CWDG Inc may grant exemptions to the rules for special promotional competitions.

The onus is on the competitor to know the rules which are available on the EA web site for download. http://www.equestrian.org.au/default.asp?MenuID=Sports/11757/0,Dressage/11732/0

 Current EA Dressage tests are available on the EA web site for download at the web address above.

1.             The CWDG offer: Official Competitive, Official Participation & Closed Restricted competitions: Refe8 2018 EA Dressage Rule Book, Current Edition for definition and membership requirements.

2.             The Organisers reserve the right to alter Official Competitive competitions to Closed Restricted should the required judges for Official Levels not be available. Anyone riding Closed Restricted competitions need to be current financial members of CWDG or EA.

3.             Preparatory Tests  –open to horses who haven’t won more than 3 preparatory tests, or who haven’t placed at Novice level or above.

4.         The CWDG accept online entries only via www.nominate.com.au (if a competitor does not have internet access, entries can be made via phone directly to Nominate by calling 07 3118 9555 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

5.         Information on events run by the CWDG can be found at www.centralwestdg.equestrian.org.au/ 

6. Horses/ponies: All competitions (unless otherwise stated) are open to horses or ponies. Please indicate when entrering online at Nominate.com if your horse is apony. Official classes only will be judged separately.

7. Height of horses and ponies:Refer current Dressage Rule Book, 

8. Competitions will be limited to 35 horses/ponies only –In the event of oversubscription there will be a RESERVE list. Horses will be accepted in order of receipt of entry. You will be given the option to transfer to another competition if you are on the reserve list.

9. Stallions; Effective as of 01 January 2011. The horse (stallion) & Float display Stallion Identification Discs at all times. Discs are available for purchase from the National Office of equestrian Australia. Stallions are to be handled as per EA guidelines

10. Riders may be changed before the start of competition–notification must be in writing at least 40 minutes prior to the start of that competition. A rider of a horse may not be changed if another rider has ridden the horse on the day, either in warm-up or in a competition. Draw position cannot be changed without the permission of the Organising Committee. One rider per horse for the whole event.

11. A competitor may not add a horse to the draw without approval of the OC

12. No more than 3 tests per horse can be ridden on one day and no more than 2 consecutive levels.

Riders are restricted to riding no more than 2 horses in an individual competition, at the discretion of the Organising committee.

13. Horses cannot compete below their graded level unless they compete NC/HC (non competitively)

14 .Hors Concours (Non competitive): Riders wishing to ride HC/NC must declare their intention in writing before the start of thecompetition (test).

15. Riders will not be permitted to ride if entry fees have not been received by the Organising Committee prior to the event.

16. Bridle & EA numbers must be submitted on entry form. If awaiting issue of either please indicate on entry form. Bridle numbers (2) are compulsory in all tests, one on either side of the horse, they must be clearly displayed so that the judge can identify the rider when riding in front of the judges vehicle. Horses are not required to stop at the judge’s car-rider must ensure that judge has seen and acknowledged them

17. Scratchings will be accepted up to the closing date. Refunds as per EFA rules. The compulsory Admin fee is not refundable.

18. DNAs please show the courtesy of scratching before the day if you are unable to attend the event.

19. Callers are allowed

20. Random swabbing may take place. If approached by Official Steward / Vet Officer of the day, competitors must allow samples to be taken from their horse for drug tests.

21. EA Registration and performance cards must be available on the day of competition (official events).

22. Gear Check –all competitors must present to the Gear Steward. Failure to do so may incur elimination.

23. Warm-up please use designated warm-up areas, be aware of group riding rules, look where you are going, keep at least 10m from competition arenas.

24. Conditions for Riding Attire & Hats. As per 2018 EA Rules or special conditions as covered in the Competition schedule. Riders under 18 years and riders of horses under 7 year of age MUST wear an approved safety helmet

with the retaining harness secured and fastened in ALL EA competitions, regardless of the level or venue. Riders training other than warming up for a test must wear an approved safety helmet at all times.

25. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Dogs, children, prams etc are not allowed in the competition area.

26. Stabling: overnight stabling may be available  Contact the event organizer for further information. No temporary yards/fences made substantially of electrical fencing/rope or similar material is to be used to construct yards.

27. Camping is available. please contact the event organizer for information.

28. Video Cameras and equipment must be kept at least 10 metres from the arena, preferably at C or A end of arena.

29 .All competitors must abide by current regulations as set down by the NSW DPI in respect to travelling and horse events. Property Identification Codes need to be provided when entering.

30. Only horses that are entered for a competition are permitted on the grounds during the event.

31. The CWDG organising committee reserves the right to exercise these conditions of entry.

Welfare of the horse is paramount.

1. Refer to current EA Dressage competition rules, EA General Regulations & Veterinary Regulations.

Risk Warning and Disclaimer

1. Horse riding is a dangerous activity and can result in serious injury (including death) and loss.

2. All persons who ride or tend, a horse at CWDG events do so entirely at their own risk.

3. Neither the Equestrian Federation of Australia, the CWDG nor the committee or any member thereof, accepts any liability for any personal injury (including death) suffered by any person from or relating to any incident involving a horse or contributed to by the negligent act, error or omission of CWDG, the Committee or a member thereof


CWDG web site: www.centralwestdg.equestrian.org.au for entry schedules/draws/results

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