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Racing Victoria Off the Track Mildura Horse Trials 2019

Sunraysia Equestrian Centre- Mildura Nichols Point

Mildura Horse Trials


Sunraysia Equestrian Cenre,
66 Racecourse Road, off Cowra Avenue, Nichols Point

27th & 28th July, 2019

Entry Secretary:           Kelly Fyfe, PO Box 2616, Mildura Vic 3502
                  Phone: 0428 265 196 
E-mail: mildurahorsetrials@hotmail.com

     Event Organiser:        Bridget Caminiti, PO Box 2616, Mildura Vic 3502
                          Phone: 0431 838 621  
E-mail: bridget.caminiti@outlook.com

Entries Close: Midnight, Friday 19th July, 2019 via Nominate.

UNIQUE EVENT:  The Mildura Horse Trials offers a unique opportunity for horses and riders, with the day preceding the Horse Trials offering a stand-alone dressage competition with a comprehensive list of competitive and unofficial classes.  Also on offer on Friday is a freshman’s jumping competition with heights from 45cm – 105cm.  A great chance for horses to become comfortable in the surroundings and for riders to take advantage of a practice run prior to the event!  Friday afternoon/evening also showcases both junior and senior 6 Bar competitions with great prizemoney on offer.

CROSS COUNTRY COURSE:     Originally a Ewan Kellett designed course, the past two years have seen some terrific updates made by Mick Pineo.  The course winds through the bush on tracks with good sandy footing, out onto an open course with much of the course able to be seen from the main clubroom area. Always new jumps throughout the course.  A good mix of training and challenging fences.   

CLASS                                      ENTRY FEE                            DRESSAGE TEST

1. CCN1*S (Previously EvA105)           $110                                    Eventing Test B CCN1* (2019)       Rug & prize money

2. EvA95                                     $100                                    Eventing Test B 95cm (2019)                  Rug & prize money

3. EvA80                                     $90                                      Eventing Test B 80cm (2019)                  Rug & prize money

4. EV65                                      $80                                       Eventing Test B 45&60cm (2019)       Rug & prizes

5. EV50                                      $70                                       Eventing Test A 45&60cm (2019)       Rug & prizes

7.  CT CCN2* S                         $60                                       Test TBC                                                       Ribbons

8.  CT CCN3*S                          $60                                       Test TBC                                                       Ribbons

 9.  CT CCN4*S                          $60                                       Test TBC                                                       Ribbons



*Additional awards to the 'Best Performed Retired Racehorse' in classes 1-5.  Thanks to the Off the Track Program, Racing Victoria.




·   YARDS - Overnight yards available.  Wooden and metal. Limited number. Yards must be booked and paid for with entries on Nominate.  NO HOLDS.  Metal yards are located near finish of XC course and some also out in the Unpowered Camping 1 'own yard' area, so you can camp near your friends if you have a mix between you of own and needing yards.  But you must stipulate your camping buddies on your entry so we can try and group those camping together who have a mixture of own and booked yards.  We promise we will do our best but can't guarantee.  Metal yards are NOT near the front gate or powered sites (only wooden yards are near powered sites) so please consider when making booking. Yards have a good base but if required, bedding (straw) and shavings can be purchased via Nominate. Yards MUST be left clean, all manure and straw to be placed in the trailers or bags provided. Please report any damage to yards to an event official. NO horses are to be yarded in the round yard or any other enclosed arenas on the grounds. DO NOT PLACE MANURE OR STRAW AROUND TREES as they are dying from this.  They are natives and don't need manure to stay healthy.  Please notify event official if trailers need emptying.  BYO yards welcome in designated area only - must comply with EA regulations.  See site map for yard and camping locations.

·   STABLES - No stables this year, as they will be being used by racehorses (we use the Racecourse's stable blocks) for the Mildura Cup Racing Carnival.  Some off-site options are available in Mildura.

·   FACILITY FEE - A $20 compulsory facility fee is payable (per rider). 100% of this goes towards targeted facility upgrades. Replacement of wooden yards with metal ones, new dressage arenas, our own showjumping equipment and new XC jumps are current priorities.

·   CAMPING - Unpowered camping is available FREE, but must still be 'booked' to ensure you are allocated parking.  A very limited number of powered sites are available at a cost of $40 for the duration of the event and are in addition to the compulsory facility fee. Powered camping spots will be individually allocated.  Bookings for powered sites can only be made with a full event booking (ie. they cannot be booked in advance or held.  Any entries for powered sites only, will be cancelled).  Conditions of powered site use are that only 10 amp power leads are to be used, and are to be tested and tagged to prevent electrical fires.

·    GENERATOR CURFEW - Due to a high level of feedback from competitors, a generator curfew  of 10pm will be in place.  There is to be no generator use between 10pm and 6am. Please consider fellow competitors regarding this.

·   CAMPFIRES - Campfires are permitted but must be made in the fire drums provided, minimum of 6m from horse yards and must be supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES.  There is a limited amount of fire drums and firewood available. No leftover wood to be removed from ground (don't laugh, has happened). Please be considerate of others and if you are intending on using a campfire continuously, contribute your own wood. 

·   TOILETS & SHOWERS - Toilets and showers are available on-site. Our showers use tank water, so please keep your shower short and sharp to ensure we have enough water for everyone. 

·   CATERING - Catering will be available next door at the Mildura Racecourse for lunches on Friday & Saturday. Our friends at Ziggy's Cafe will be onsite Friday, Saturday & Sunday for breakfast, lunch, snacks and coffee. Ziggy's is also catering Friday & Saturday night dinner (pre-booking via Nominate is a must).

·    CCN1*S, EvA95 & EvA80 classes to be run under the EA National Eventing Rules 2019, EV65 & EV50 classes to be run in accordance with the Victorian Low Level Eventing Rules 2016.

·   MEMBERSHIP - ALL competitors in EV65 & EV50 MUST have EA, PCAV, PCASA OR HRCAV membership. Proof of current financial membership required (i.e. card). Organising Committee has sought endorsement from HRCAV and PCAV to ensure that riders are covered by insurance from their respective organisation. HRCAV and PCV riders must not ride at a level above their graded level and must produce their membership and performance/grading cards to the Organising Committee on the first day of competition, prior to competing. No proof, no ride, no exceptions.The Mildura Horse Trials Organising Committee reserves the right to refuse entries, with or without stating a reason. 

·   All competitors in the CCN4*S, CCN3*S, CCN2*S, CCN1*S & EvA95 must have 'Competitive' membership, full Horse Registration AND a competition licence. Riders in EvA80 and below, may have 'Participation' membership or 'Competitive' membership, and Horse Registration is encouraged.

·   REFUNDS - Refunds prior to closing date allowed.  Refunds after the closing date will only be approved with a vet or doctor’s certificate (must be presented within 7 days of event) however strictly no refunds for scratchings or withdrawals made after Wednesday 24th July.  A $25 administration fee will be deducted from all refunds prior to close of entries, and a $50 administration fee will be deducted from eligible refunds (those with vet or doctor's certificates and prior to 25th July) after close of entries.  

·   DOGS - We love dogs but they must be on a leash at all times, NO exceptions. No dogs allowed in shelter shed. Please clean up after your dog and be considerate of others to ensure we are all able to continue to bring our bestest (after our horses) buddies with us to Dura.

·   FEED - Fodder/horse feed can be pre-arranged through Petstock Mildura: 03 5023 7499Pet & Produce Mildura: 03 5023 5533,  or Mildura Stockfeeds: 03 5021 4484. Straw bedding can be pre-booked via Nominate. 

·   GEAR CHECK - No gear check; riders onus. Spot checks may occur. Any rider wishing to use a Helmet Camera for Cross Country MUST present the camera (already mounted to the helmet) for inspection by the Technical Delegate before riding. Body protectors are COMPULSORY for Cross Country.  Helmet tagging is available at our event with accredited taggers.

​​·   Lunging is only permitted in the enclosed round yards. 

​​·   The Cross Country course will be open for inspection at approximately lunchtime on Saturday. Please wait for the official announcement on the day. 

Fashions Off The Track - OTT
Fashions Off The Track - Open
Haueslers CCN1*S (Previously EvA105)
Silvan EvA95
Horseland Mildura EvA80 - Division A
Horseland Mildura EvA80 Division B
Prydes Easifeed EV65 - Division A
Platinum Ag Services EV65 - Division B
Petstock Mildura Ev50
Combined Training CCN2*
Combined Training CCN3*
Combined Training CCN4*
Competitive Preliminary Test 1B sponsored by Sweet Pro Sunraysia
Competitive Preliminary Test 1C sponsored by Actavet

Krasna Motors Competitive Preliminary Champion & Reserve

Competitive Novice Test 2B sponsored by Lauren Donaldson
Competitive Novice Test 2C sponsored by Nicola Moore

Wahroonga Park Competitive Novice Champion & Reserve

Competitive Elementary Test 3A sponsored by
Competitive Elementary Test 3B sponsored by

Cabarita Lodge Competitive Elementary Champion & Reserve

Competitive Medium Test 4A sponsored by
Competitive Medium Test 4B sponsored by
Junior Preliminary Test 1A sponsored by Hanna Constanzo
Junior Preliminary Test 1B sponsored by Pip Durban

ARH Agriculture Junior Preliminary Champion & Reserve

Unofficial Preliminary Test 1A sponsored by Henschke Horses
Unofficial Preliminary Test 1B sponsored by Henschke Horses

Julie Scougall Unofficial Preliminary Champion & Reserve

Unofficial Novice Test 2A sponsored by
Unofficial Novice Test 2B sponsored by

Markeri Farm Equine Unofficial Novice Champion & Reserve

Unofficial Elementary Test 3A sponsored by
Unofficial Elementary Test 3B sponsored by
Friday Unofficial Show Jumping, max 2 rounds sponsored by Kate Attard Equine
Nominate your height classes on the day (see gate steward)
Jaag Professional Builders P/L Junior 6 Bar Feature Event
Riders under 18yrs. Height of final fence in first round likely to be approx. 80cm.
Olam Open 6 Bar Feature Event
Height of final fence in first round likely to be approx. 100cm.

Event Notes

Contact Details

Kelly Fyfe
0428 265 196 or mildurahorsetrials@hotmail.com
Bridget Caminiti
0431 838 621 or bridget.caminiti@outlook.com
Bridget Caminiti
0431 838 621 or bridget.caminiti@outlook.com

Dressage Day

Friday 26th July, 2019




Entry Fee: $20.00 per test

1. Preliminary Test 1B (2019)

2. Preliminary Test 1C (2019)

3. Novice Test 2B (2019)

4. Novice Test 2C (2019)
5. Elementary Test 3A (2019)
6. Elementary Test 3B (2019)
7. Medium Test 4A (2019)
8. Medium Test 4B (2019)

Junior (unofficial):
Entry Fee: $15.00 per test

9. Preliminary
Test 1A (2019)

10. Preliminary Test 1B (2019)

Entry Fee: $15.00 per test

11. Preliminary Test 1A (2019)

12. Preliminary Test 1B (2019)

13. Novice Test 2A (2019)

14. Novice Test 2B (2019)

15. Elementary Test 3A (2019)
16. Elementary Test 3B (2019)




Competitors please note: Due to the increasing number of entries we can no longer commence the dressage competition at lunchtime. If you are travelling to Mildura on the day of competition you can request a later starting time - we will try to accommodate but this is not always possible (particularly in the lower classes).

Dressage Day Entry Information:

2019 EA Dressage Tests

Official entrants must display their Official EA bridle numbers (x2), Unofficial entrants must display their allocated bridle numbers.

Ribbons to 6th place, rugs for Champion in each section (please note, no rugs for the elementary or medium champions). Prize for the 'Best Performed Retired Racehorse' for the day, proudly supported by the Off the Track Program, Racing Victoria
Maximum of 3 tests per horse. 'Competitive' entrants must have 'Competitive' membership and have an EA registered mount (and dressage licence).
Unofficial or Junior entrants must have minimum 'Participation' EA membership or PCAV / PCASA / HRCAV membership.

EA, PCAV, PCASA and HRCAV members must show proof of membership.

Please be mindful that all riders must keep clear of the cross country jumps, regardless of whether or not they are competing in the Horse Trials as the XC course will be CLOSED on Friday.  

Run under current EA rules. Riders onus on gear.

Please refer general entry information listed in the Horse Trials section.


Unofficial Show Jumping Day
Friday 26th July, 2019

  This year we will again be offering unofficial showjumping classes on Friday.  Numbers are restricted.  A great chance to familiarise young horses with the arena they'll be jumping in for the Horse Trials (except EV50, which is in arena next door but still good practice!). These are very popular and will sell out quickly.

Height Classes:


Entry via Nominate. Cost is $15 per horse, with a maximum of two rounds. Riders to select which height classes they will be riding in on the day (see gate steward) but strictly NO ENTRY ON THE DAY. No placings awarded. Riders may complete their two rounds at the same height.

Friday Evening Feature Event - Six Bar

Lots of fun for riders and spectators.  Junior and Open division. Junior riders can choose to enter the Junior or Open, but cannot enter in both. Horses may only be entered in one class. Entry is $20 per horse for Junior and Open, payable via Nominate or on the day (numbers permitting). Run under the 2019 EA National Jumping Rules, Article 262.3. Fun environment, come and have a go, whether you're out for the win or just to school your horse - not too many places you can enter a 6 Bar these days!!  Ribbons to 6th place.


 Junior 6 Bar - 1st: $100 + rug , 2nd: $60, 3rd: $40

Proudly sponsored by JAAG Professional Builders P/L

Open 6 Bar - 1st: $100 + rug, $60, 3rd: $40 

Proudly sponsored by Olam

Prize for 'Best Performed Retired Racehorse' in the 6 Bar!!  Proudly sponsored by the Off the Track Program, Racing Victoria.




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