BRC - Paul Cairns Equisimulator Clinic

Sherony Park Indoor Arena

Bungendore Riding Club

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Sherony Park, 134 Read Road, Sutton

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of August 2019

Enjoy a group Equisimulator Lesson in the morning, 

followed by a paired lesson on your own horse in the afternoon to consolidate what you have learned.  

Limited to 8 riders per day

The Equisimulator is a machine which simulates the movement of the horse and is used for teaching the rider to synchronise their own movements with those of the horse. 

In this way, the rider learns far more quickly, enhancing safety and enjoyment and also, most importantly, saving the horse much discomfort from the rider bouncing about on his back.

The Equisimulator is a lot of fun and you can expect many an "aha!' moment.  It is great for those who may have had a loss of confidence or those who have specific areas of their riding they wish to improve, such as sitting trot.


About Paul Cairns:

Paul has been riding for the past 25 years competitively in Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing.  

In the late ‘90’s he almost gave up horse riding altogether as he became frustrated with the instruction and coaching available to the competitive rider in Australia. 

In the pursuit of a better outcome for horse and rider that portrayed the quality of the dressage masters of yesteryear Paul contacted Heather Moffett, renowned European Classical Dressage trainer and founder of the Enlightened Equitation teaching methods.

Paul was fortunate to be invited to train with Heather in the UK in Classical Dressage.

So impressed was he with the methods and ease of which any rider could start to make significant progress to a better partnership that he continued his training in the UK to become an accredited Enlightened Equitation Level 2 Coach.  Through Enlightened Equitation UK, Paul was introduced to the French Classical Dressage methodologies in the School of Legerete (Lightness) created by renowned Classical trainer Phillipe Karl.    

In 2010 Phillipe Karl  created the Australian Teacher Trainee School of Legerete of which Paul was accepted into and is undertaking extensive tuition to allow him to teach as one of the few Licensed School of Legerete Instructors in Australia.

Dressage is the foundation of all our disciplines and if the horse and rider combination can work in relaxed and harmonious manner whilst displaying elegance in everything they do the opportunity to excel in your chosen discipline is increased considerably.
Paul coaches Classical Dressage and Show Jumping with a strong focus on effective execution as well as elegance in execution to maximise results. 

The cost of the clinic INCLUDES the use of a DAY Yard at Sherony Park.  If you need a stable or a bigger yard then please contact Sherony Park directly.



Saturday Clinic (9 - 5.15)
Only 8 positions available - yard included
Sunday Clinic (9 - 5.15)
Only 8 positions available - yard included

Event Notes

Day Yards Included in Cost
Contact Sherony Park directly
Contact Sherony Park directly
Contact Sherony Park directly

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