About Us

Nominate was established in 2001 and was set up to process online entries for Equestrian events. In our first full year of business we processed entries for 17 events with a total number of 2,350 transactions.

Today, we process in excess of 10,000 transactions per week.

We were the first company in Australia to offer online entries for events.

We have since grown to process entries for a wide range of sports and have integrated membership and ticketing systems that are used by a large number of sporting and non sporting clients. We have also developed worlds first technology in our SpeedCheck and LiveScore dressage systems.

We also developed and maintain the national databases for several national sporting bodies, including Equestrian Australia.

Our head office is based in Brisbane, but have offices in the ACT and Tasmania and have a team of 20 developers (web and app) and 6 admin staff.

We firmly believe in supporting other Australian businesses, so our web servers are based in Australia. Our main server is located in Brisbane, and our backup server is located in Springfield (both of which are in QLD). We own our own servers which means we have full control over the data and operation of the servers. Whilst it would be cheaper to have our systems hosted on shared virtual servers in the USA or some other part of the world, we feel that it is far more important to be able to physically access our servers if we ever need to.

We use asp.net for the majority of our applications in conjunction with SQL databases. All of our systems use 256 bit encryption to ensure that the data we hold is kept safe at all times.