Sydney Dressage Inc - Summer Series 2024 - Friday 16th February - Prel to Med

Ballodair Park

Sydney Dressage Inc
07:00 AM
12:00 AM

Ballodior Park, 101 Geakes Road, Wilberforce



  • Arrival and departure times will be scheduled to ensure smooth running of the event, you will be expected to arrive within 1 hour of your test time.
  • As this is a private venues with limited parking, we will be requesting that competitors leave the venues promptly after attending to your horse post competition.
  • For each evening event there is a maximum of ONE test per rider/horse combination. With no more than two consecutive levels per horse allowed during the series e.g. Novice/Elementary.  
  • Venue maps and detailed requirements will be provided with the draw and we request that all riders comply with venue requirements, which may differ to other events.
  • Riders must be a member of Sydney Dressage Inc. or Equestrian Australia to compete in Closed Un-Restricted classes.
  • Riders entering Competitive classes must be current competitive members of Equestrian Australia and horses must be registered and have a current license to compete in Competitive classes. Owners must also be current members of Equestrian Australia.
  • Riders who are Sydney Dressage Inc. members, but NOT Equestrian Australia members will be covered by Sydney Dressage Inc. Public Liability Insurance. Any riders wishing to have Personal Liability Insurance will need to obtain Equestrian Australia membership.
  • Callers are permitted.
  • Bridle numbers should be supplied with the entry and worn at all times. To obtain a bridle number for your horse please contact EA NSW 9620 2660.
  • If a horse is graded, it may only compete at its graded level or above, or HC in a lower level. 
  • The draw will be posted on the Sydney Dressage website and Facebook page approximately one week before the event and will be emailed to competitors via Nominate
  • Refunds will not be given for scratchings received after closing date unless a doctor or veterinary certificate is supplied. 50% of the total entry fee paid will be refunded.
  • If a rider pays member rates and is not a current financial member of Sydney Dressage Inc the entry will be cancelled, and entry fees will be refunded.
  • Competitors do have an option to join Sydney Dressage Inc. at the time of entry of an event.
  • At all times follow instructions from Sydney Dressage Inc. delegates
  • Events run by Sydney Dressage Incorporated are run in compliance with the Equestrian Australia National Dressage Rules. Neither the Organising Committee of any competition to which these rules apply, or the EA, accepts any liability for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, grounds, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.


  • No dogs
  • Primary parking on the left opposite competitor yards. BPEC staff will advise vehicle orientation
  • On arrival please unload horse and gear into yard
  • All yards must be left clean of hay and manure prior to departure
  • Wash bay beside yards for use of competitors. Please remember to turn off the tap when finished. Tank water in use, use sparingly when hosing horses
  • Toilet access behind house, entry on left hand side opposite open stable yard beside horse walker
  • Overflow parking available if necessary. BPEC staff will advise placement
  • Please observe all courtesies in the warm up arena
  • Manure dropped in the warm up arena must be removed promptly
  • If unsure of anything, please ask and we’ll be happy to help
  • All horses must be taken to their assigned yard for tack up, there can be no exception to this requirement. These yards are complimentary with your entries.  At no time should a horse be tied to a float/truck or remain in the parking area
  • No lunging on arenas, only in specified areas (will be identified on the site map)


Official Competitive Preliminary 1.1
Official Competitive Novice 2.1
Official Competitive Elementary 3.1
Official Competitive Medium Test of Choice

Event Notes

Contact Details

Karen Lever
Karen Lever
Sydney Dressage Inc
0411 658 033



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