Acceptances - 2024 Pony Club NSW Thirtieth Annual State Camp

Sydney International Equestrian Centre

Pony Club NSW
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05/01/2024 – please note a late fee will apply after the original closing date

Acceptance for the Pony Club NSW 30th Annual State Camp - 7th to 11th January 2024 at Sydney International Equestrian Centre. 

Thank you for your application to attend State Camp. Those who have been selected have been provided the entry code to access the event in Nominate. Congratulations to all and to those who were unsuccessful, we invite you to apply again. 

As agreed by you in the initial application the following criteria apply:

  1. Membership renewal for the 2024 year is required prior to camp commencement. Please follow up your club to ensure they have set up their 2024 renewals. 
  2. Riders must have provided their C certificate to the office - if you are still pending something please contact the office to ensure we have this noted and are aware that this information is still coming. 
  3. Riders must be mounted on a suitable horse to maximise benefit from top instructors. This horse must be microchipped and you will be required to input this information into this acceptance. 


  • Camp members will be accommodated onsite at Sydney International Equestrian Centre, Wallgrove Road Horsley Park.  All members will be accommodated in twin share rooms and members of the opposite gender will not be permitted in these rooms. Any persons found breaking this rule will be sent home. Members must provide their own sheets, blankets, towels, pillows and pillowcases. All meals, morning and afternoon teas will be provided.
  • Horses will be accommodated and riding instruction will take place at SIEC. Covered stabling and extensive arenas and facilities including cross country course are available. Members are to provide their horses' water bucket and feed. Stable bedding is provided, extras may be purchased. There will be lectures on some evenings.
  • Riders may have been offered a position in a discipline that was not their first choice, it is their decision whether to accept this offer however the Camp Committee believe that these riders would benefit from tuition in these disciplines. 
  • Should you need to substitute a horse you must apply in writing to do so. Any rider who attends camp on a horse other than the horse that was accepted will forfeit their position at camp. 


$600 per member (including GST) payable upon notification of acceptance. This is a nominal fee. Pony Club NSW meets all other expenses.

Successful applicants who have not paid their $600 entry fee by the due date (14th December 2023) will forfeit their place in camp and the reserve rider will be notified immediately. Nominate does usually offer payment options such as Paypal Pay in 4. If you are experiencing difficulty please contact the office to discuss options confidentially. 



  1. All Pony Club NSW rules apply.  All applicants (and a parent or guardian if the applicant is under 18 years) MUST agree in their application to observe all Camp Rules and Code of Conduct at all times while at Camp. By submitting this application and ticking the box you agreed to this. A Code of Conduct is to be downloaded along with the permission note for attending an excursion to Randwick Equine Centre and should be uploaded with your acceptance.  
  1. Camp members are expected to arrive at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre by 1pm (TBC) Sunday 7th January. Instruction will commence on Monday morning and finish on Wednesday afternoon. Camp will break after breakfast on Thursday 11th January.
  1. Camp members are to be in appropriate Pony Club (Club, Zone, State Camp or Championship) uniform/merchandise at all times when under instruction (approved helmet ASANZ3838, ASTM F1163 or VG1), approved boots,  jodhpurs/riding trousers. Shirts from non Pony Club events will not be accepted. At all other times members are to be tidily dressed. Approved safety vests must be worn when schooling on the cross country course.
  1. Members will not be permitted to drink alcohol or smoke during the camp. The use of mobile phones is not permitted during instruction.
  1. Members will not be permitted to drive any motor vehicle during the Camp. Members will not be permitted to leave the Camp for any reason without prior approval except for arranged excursion.
  1. Members are expected to strive hard during instruction and lectures, to enjoy the fellowship with other members and to conduct themselves appropriately at all times during the Camp period.
  1. Camp members are responsible for the care and cleanliness of their horses, tack and stables.  All members must agree to observe all Pony Club NSW and SIEC rules on dress (especially footwear) and behaviour whenever in the Stable Precinct.  Breezeways in the Stable Block must be kept clean and clear of obstructions at all times. Riders must wear helmets at all times when mounted. 
  1. All members are subject to the control of Camp officials, whose decisions shall be final, for the duration of the Camp period.
  1. Parents are not permitted to attend Camp between Sunday 6pm and Thursday morning.
  1. The only jewellery permitted to be worn by riders when mounted are studs in the ears and wristwatches (medical alerts are permitted). Rings, if worn, must be taped.
  1. Any breach of the above rules may lead to immediate expulsion from the Camp.
  1. All horses attending State Camp must be microchipped. Horses must be fit, healthy and well shod, as they will be subjected to 3 days of high level instruction.

Pony Club NSW reserves the right to reject any application and no explanation will be given.




2024 State Camp Acceptance Fee
One long sleeved commemorative shirt is included - EXTRA short sleeved polo order here

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Elysha Sargent or Renee Delicata
Elysha Sargent or Renee Delicata



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