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98 Marshalls Road, Moonta SA 5558

12:00 PM
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19/03/2024 – please note a late fee will apply after the original closing date

Lizzy from Lizzy Richie Equine Coaching (LREC) will be holding a clinic at the YPEC grounds on 24/3/2024. There will be 3x 2hr group sessions at $90 per horse and rider for members, non members welcome but will have to pay $20 day membership. Entry forms to be available soon .

Below is her bio.

As a young rider Lizzy was a passionate Dressage and show horse competitor. After a 5 year break away break away from horses, gaining valuable life, business and customer service experience outside the equine industry, Lizzy realised something was missing from her life and began riding again. Adding a grey pony to her life- Denis - and thought she could pick up where she had left off 5 years before. Sometimes you find a pony who tests the limits of your knowledge, Denis was one of these ponies. On this journey Lizzy has had access to some of the best mentors on offer both in Australia and around the world. Equine and human. Having horses in training has led her to identifying a number of deficiencies in traditional training systems. Lizzy now strives to share her passion and knowledge while guiding owners and horses on a wholistic path that seeks to ensure horses are functioning at their optimum mentally and physically.

The cornerstones of LREC training are Groundwork, Liberty, Saddle Foundations and Obstacles. Working through these important pieces, Lizzy aims to provide owners with the tools to not only identify and solve problems with their own horses but also develop harmonious, connected and confident partnerships.

Liberty - Lizzy initially started experimenting with liberty in her training program with horses that had behavioural issues. Through much trial and error and guidance from some world class mentors, Lizzy has now developed her own style of Liberty that is focussed on how our energy, body language and pressure can influence our horses but also taking in how willing our horses are to be a part of the conversation. Liberty is a powerful tool that aids us in self awareness and teaches us to be tuned into how and what our horses are thinking. Liberty helps create harmonious, connected and confident partnerships which is why it is one of the cornerstones of LREC training.

Obstacles - Obstacles have been an important of Lizzy’s training program since the very beginning. Teaching a horse to engage with and tackle obstacles develops confidence for both horse and rider. LREC training promotes and encourages the horses natural curiosity when introducing obstacles along with looking at how we as handlers can assist our horses in moments where they may be unsure. This ‘conversation’ is an important piece in developing harmonious, connected and confident partnership

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