2024 Dressage NSW Competition at SIEC - February 10th

Sydney International Equestrian Centre

Dressage NSW
11:00 AM
12:00 AM
31/01/2024 – please note a late fee will apply after the original closing date

Dressage NSW Competition and Judge Seminar 

* 10th February Competition including judge education.

* Stables can be booked and are available for day use.

Classes being held in the indoor arena will be part of a multi level judge seminar. Videoing of riders will take place throughout the competition and the content could be used for judge education purposes. 

Times will be available for indoor arena familiarisation for horses in hand only.

Riders can only enter one division of a test if two are offered.

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Official Competitive Preliminary 1.2
Official Competitive Preliminary 1.3 Outside Division
Official Competitive Preliminary 1.3 Indoor Division
Official Competitive EA Novice 2.2
Official Competitive EA Novice 2.3 Outside Division
Official Competitive Novice 2.3 Indoor Division
Official Competitive EA Elementary 3.2
Official Competitive EA Elementary 3.3 Indoor
Official Competitive Medium 4.2
Official Competitive EA Medium 4.3 Indoor
Official Competitive Advanced 5.2
Official Competitive Advanced 5.3 Indoor
Official Competitive Prix St George
Official Competitive Intermediate I
FEI Test of Choice
PE Test of Choice

Event Notes

Day Stable

Contact Details

Jo Gunn
0414 416 362
Jo Gunn
0414 416 362 or 0412 532 245
Dressage NSW


Dressage NSW - Conditions of Entry

This event will be held in accordance with current EA National Dressage Rules and any subsequent amendments.  The onus is on the competitor to know the rules. The conditions below are relevant for competitions held by DNSW .


1. Competitions:

a) Official Competitor competitions: Open to all EA Competitor members. Official competitions attract grading points.

b) Official Participant competitions: Open EA Participant or Competitor members. Participant competitions do not attract grading points.

2. Horses/ponies EA registration:

a. Official Competitive competitions are open to horses or ponies with EA full horse registration. Please indicate on the entry form if your horse is a pony.

b. Official Participant competitions are open to horses/ponies and EA horse registration is not compulsory but encouraged for Participant competitions.

3. Competitions are open to riders aged 10 year on horses and 8 years on ponies.

4. After close of entries a rider may be changed if notified in writing to the OC no later than 40 minutes prior to the start of competition, proof of EA membership, e.g. membership card must be provided on request. A rider of a horse may not be changed if another rider has ridden the horse on the day, either in warm-up or in a competition. Competitors may only substitute a horse with the approval of the OC and no later than 48 hours before start of the event. The draw position cannot be changed without the permission of the Organising Committee. One rider per horse for the entire event.

5. HORS CONCOURS (Non-competitive): Riders wishing to ride HC/NC must declare their intention in writing before the start of competition (test).

6. Riders or owners who have an outstanding debt with DNSW will not be permitted to enter a horse or compete in any event run by DNSW until that debt has been settled.

7. Entries are taken on a first in basis. Telephone/Late entries will not be accepted.

8. Grading and eligibility to compete at FEI level: As per current EA rules.

9. In the case of oversubscription, entries may be limited and a max. of two horses per rider will apply. The event is open to all EA members. Only one rider may ride a horse at the event.

10. Bridle numbers (ID) must be shown on entry form. If awaiting issue of either, please indicate on entry.

Bridle numbers (2) - one on either side of the horse must be worn at all times when the horses is out of the stable. The numbers must be clearly displayed so that the judge can identify the horse/rider when riding in front of the judges’ vehicle. Official tests: Riders are not required to stop at the judge’s car. Note: -2 points per judge is deducted if horses are not wearing the correct identification in the competition area (refer rule 4.8.5).

11. Scratchings will be accepted up to the closing date. After the closing date, a 50% refund of the entry fee will be issued if a veterinarian or doctor’s certificate is provided within 24 hours of the completion of the event. .

12. Veterinary checks: Random swabbing may take place. If approached by Official Steward/ Vet Officer of the day, competitors/person responsible for horses must allow samples to be taken from their horses for drug tests.

13. Entry Fees: (GST Inc.) - $75.00 per test.

14. A non-refundable administration fee of $50 per horse applies.

15. Places and ribbons will be awarded by divisions (Amateur, Open, Pony) Riders will need to indicate online that they are an amateur/owner rider, if this is not indicated you will be placed in the open division. More information regarding the AOR (amateur/owner rider divisions can be found in the EA rule book

16 Stables are available at SIEC for day use. DNSW accepts no responsibility for the condition or state of repair of the stables. Stables must be booked when entering via Nominate. A bond will apply and refund given after stable has been left clean.

17. Gear Check – all competitors must present to the Steward prior to each test you are riding. Failure to do so will incur elimination.

18. Warm up arenas and lunging arenas are provided.

19. Dogs must be on a leash. Dogs, children, prams etc are not allowed in the competition and warm up  areas or the stables. Dogs should not be left tied to vehicles, trees or other areas unless supervised. Dangerous dogs and yapping dogs (big and small) have no place at horse events and owners should consider others when taking their dogs to events as not all people or horses like dogs.

20. Conditions for riding attire is as per EA Rules. Headgear: Helmets must comply with the Current EA safety standards and be correctly tagged. Refer EA Regs or EA Dressage rules re requirements.

21. Video Cameras and equipment must be kept at least 10 meters from the arena, preferably at the A end of arena.

22. No temporary yards/fences made substantially of  metal, electrical fencing/rope or similar material is to be used to construct yards/fences in float or car park/camping areas.

23. Any power or authority vested in the committee by these conditions of entry may be exercised by the Official of the Day or, with the concurrence of that person, any member of the committee. The “Official of the Day” is the person from time to time nominated by the committee as such. Any rider who fails to comply with these conditions of entry, or a direction of a member of the committee, may be eliminated.

24. All competitors & officials need to be aware and abide by the principles of the EA Codes of Conduct.

25. Random swabbing may take place at any event. A reminder for all competitors to have their horse’s EA registration papers with them at all times at EA events.

26. Vaccinations: We recommend that horse vaccinations for Strangles and Tetanus are up to date.

27. Falls and injuries: EA Dressage Rules 3.8 and 3.23 and the EA Concussion Policy applies (refer Annex G).

28. EA Accredited Stewards will officiate at events to ensure the welfare of horses is upheld and events are conducted safely and as per the rules. Competitors must follow the direction of the Stewards.

Spectators and visitors are welcome at all times.

Notice to all competitors: The welfare of the horse is paramount. If at any time it appears to a member of the Committee of DNSW that a horse may for any reason require veterinary attention, and

(a) the rider, or other person apparently in charge of that horse, is not immediately available to attend to that horse's welfare, or

(b) such rider or other person declines to adequately attend to that horse's welfare, the member of the Committee is authorised to call in veterinary assistance for the horse, and the veterinarian attending is authorised to administer to the horse such treatment (including euthanasia) as the veterinarian considers appropriate in the circumstances. The rider of the horse is responsible for and must meet the cost of such veterinary treatment. A rider who does not meet that cost will not be permitted to enter any future competition conducted by DNSW.

Riders and owners of competing horses and other people associated with them must, under penalty of elimination, obey any order or direction given to them by any responsible official (judges, stewards, official of the day, committee members) and they must, in particular, be careful not to do anything liable to upset or hinder the undisturbed progress of the competition.

Competitors please note: Only horses that are entered for the competition are permitted on the grounds during the event..  Companion horses/ponies not entered for competition are not permitted. 

Stallion Safe Guidelines

EA & EA Dressage rules apply regarding Stallions. Stallion identification discs must be worn by stallions at all times at event either on the bridle or saddlecloth. Stallions are not permitted to be ridden by riders under 18 yrs of age, Handlers of colts/stallions must be 18 years or older. If you see a horse with a “Green” disc on the saddlecloth, bridle or halter then this indicates the horse is a Stallion. Floats and Trucks transporting stallions also feature a Green disc.

Stallion owners are well aware of taking necessary precautions with Stallions. Other owners/riders and others however are not so mindful.

If you see a green dot on a horse, float or truck, disregard the normal convention of “Green means Go” and take care not to park too close or to provoke Stallions in any way. More information on the Stallion Safe Guidelines can be found on the EA and DNSW websites. Property Identification Codes Property Identification Codes (PIC) numbers are required for all event. Please note your PIC on the entry form.

Risk Warning and Disclaimer

1. Horse riding is a dangerous activity and can result in serious injury (including death) and loss.

2. All persons who ride, or tend, a horse on these grounds do so entirely at their own risk.

3. Neither Equestrian Australia, Dressage NSW, nor the Committee or any member thereof, accepts any liability for any personal injury (including death) suffered by any person from or relating to any incident involving a horse and whether or not caused or contributed to by the negligent act, error or omission of Dressage NSW, the Committee or a member thereof.

4. Riders participating in this event agree to being filmed and have the content used for judge education purposes. 


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