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Bathurst 2019 - Reliance ROYAL BATHURST SHOW -Dressage

Bathurst Showgrounds

Bathurst AH&P Association

GENERAL RULES amended 2017 12 12



  1. Rules & Regulations
    1. These General Rules take precedence over all General Regulations and Supplementary Regulations.
    2. The General Regulations apply to all sections of the Show.
    3. The Supplementary Regulations apply only to the section of the Show to which they specifically relate.
    4. Should there be an inconsistency between the General Regulations and Supplementary Regulations, the Supplementary Regulations prevail for the relevant section only.
  2. All persons who enter the Showground:
    1. Do so at their own risk
    2. Shall comply with Work Health & Safety Laws, and the Bathurst Agricultural Horticultural and Pastoral Association (hereinafter called the Association) Health & Safety Policy
    3. Are advised that the roadways within Showground become public roads for the duration of the annual Royal Bathurst Show.
  3. The Association may at any time make changes to these rules, regulations, the program, and/or the names of Judges or Stewards set out in a schedule, catalogue or similar document.
  4. The Association and staff members and officials of the Association shall not be held responsible or be liable for any error, misstatement or misdescription appearing in any schedule, catalogue, entry form, advertisement, notification, post or similar document.
  5. The exhibition will take place on the Bathurst Showground or wherever the Show Council may appoint. The Show Council reserves the right at any time to postpone the exhibition or any event thereof in consequence of the inclemency of the weather or for any other sufficient cause to date or dates deemed suitable by the Show Council and no entrance fees shall be returnable in the event of such postponement. The reasonableness of the cause or causes of postponement shall be decided by the Show Council and its judgment shall be conclusive and not open to question by an exhibitor or other person affected by the postponement.
  6. The Show Council may abandon the exhibition or any event thereof through wet weather or, for any other reason which may make such a course advisable in its opinion. Should the exhibition or any event be abandoned or cancelled, exhibitors shall be entitled to a return of the entrance fee paid in such event or events as may be cancelled, but no cause or action, liability or obligation shall be maintainable or be incurred by the Show Council or by the Association by reason of such abandonment or cancellation.





  1. Exhibitors, when entering exhibits, must furnish the Secretary with a description of the exhibit entered and the number of the class they wish to compete in on the form specified.
  2. Exhibits must not be removed without the permission of the Stewards.
  3. Exhibitors of livestock must have an attendant to parade the exhibit for judging at the hour notified.
  4. A general parade (Grand Parade) may be held on the second day, in which all leadable, in harness and ridden livestock exhibited at the Show must take part.
  5. Any exhibitor of livestock shall not be permitted to use any pen or stall other than those allotted to them by the Stewards.
  6. The erection of electric fences is not permitted in the livestock areas on the grounds.
  7. Any exhibitor of livestock must furnish all required statutory declarations to the Secretary.
  8. All Pavilions are closed to the public and to exhibitors until the first morning of the Show unless delivering exhibits.
  9. All exhibitors are to comply with the Association’s Rules for vehicle movement and parking restrictions on the Showground.
  10. An Exhibitor’s or Competitor’s participation in any Exhibition, or Competition, entertainment or activity is at their own risk.
  11. Entry fees shall be at rates specified in the Show Schedule.
  12. Misconduct by an exhibitor or their agent, whether by a breach of these rules or regulations, aggressive, intimidating, disruptive or otherwise offensive behavior, attempting to improperly approach or influence a Judge, Steward or official, or who makes a false report or gives misleading information or suppresses necessary information respecting any exhibit, shall be held to have forfeited any prize gained by this means. The exhibit and exhibitor, together with their agent (if any) may be disqualified and the matter reported to the Western Group of Show Societies Inc. & the Agricultural Societies Council of NSW.
  13. The Showground will be open for admission of exhibits at the time shown in the relevant Schedule. Livestock may be removed between the times notified in the relevant schedules if required to so do and must be returned to their respective position by the time nominated therein. Failing to do so will cause all prizes awarded to them to be forfeited. Any exhibitor failing to comply with this regulation may be debarred from entering in the following years.
  14. The Association will not be responsible for any accident caused through or by an exhibitor and will not under any circumstances hold itself responsible for any loss or misdelivery of livestock or exhibit of any kind, or for any damage done thereto.
  15. All exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor. Nothing to indicate ownership of any exhibit will be permitted (the usual brands on livestock excepted). Any person objecting to an exhibit must enter a protest in writing fully setting out the grounds of such an objection in accordance with Regulation 20 (below).
  16. Should there be any reason to suspect that any exhibit is either diseased or dangerous, the Show Council reserves the right of refusing admittance to or removing the same from the ground at the expense of the exhibitor.
  17. The Show Council may refuse or cancel any entry.
  18. No exhibit shall be led, ridden or driven (except in the horse or livestock exhibitor’s reserves) unless competing in the Show or otherwise approved by the Show Council or Show Secretary.
  19. No persons except those actually in charge of exhibits will be permitted to remain in the judging area for any reason whatsoever during the adjudication.
  20. The procedure for protests is as follows:
    1. An exhibitor who desires to enter a protest concerning any decision on the part of a Judge or any decision or act or omission on the part of the Association or of any Official of the Association, is required to lodge a Protest Form (available from the Show Office) by 10.00am of the next day following the day on which such incident occurred.
    2. Each protest must be accompanied by a fee of $150.00 and this amount shall be forfeited to the Association if the protest is not upheld.
    3. The protest shall be determined by the Protest Committee appointed by the Executive Committee. Their decision shall be final and binding. No reasoning for the determination shall be required to be given.


  1. Stewards must be in attendance at the Showground at the hour appointed to receive exhibits.
  2. Stewards are responsible for the proper classification of exhibits and all exhibits must be ready for judging.
  3. Stewards will obtain the award books from the Secretary and direct the Judges to the exhibits they are appointed to judge.
  4. Stewards shall remove exhibitors and other persons from the vicinity of the Judge whilst judging.
  5. Stewards shall attend on the Judges to afford any information required, but will not do or say anything to exhibitor regarding the adjudication or repeat the remarks the Judge may make without their specific consent and that of the Chief Steward of the Section or the Secretary.
  6. Stewards will obtain prize cards from the Secretary and affix same to exhibit, after filling in the names of the successful exhibitors and other particulars.
  7. The Chief Stewards of Bathurst A H & P Assoc. will not be permitted to show their exhibits in their relative section or any other section where they have a direct contact with the Judge.
  8. Stewards who become aware of an exhibit suffering from an infectious or contagious disease shall report the matter immediately to the Secretary, who is authorized to order that the exhibit be quarantined and/or removed from the Showground.


  1. Judges are requested to attend the relevant Section Chief/Head Steward in the section adjudication area or another place on the Showground by notification at the hour appointed, and introduce themselves to the Stewards of the section.
  2. Judges will receive instruction from the Stewards of the section.
  3. Judges, as they arrive at their decisions, will announce the results to the Stewards, who will record them in the award book or equivalent.
  4. Judges shall disqualify any exhibits which, in their opinion, do not comply with the regulations and shall enter the reason in the award book or equivalent.
  5. The Judges may recommend for certificates, or commend as they see fit, any exhibits of special merit not included in the schedule of prizes, and will not award prizes of any class in which the exhibits are not considered in their opinion, to possess sufficient merit.
  6. Judges will check an award book on completion of judging, and sign their names on the last award page.
  7. All Pavilions are closed to the public until the first day of the Show.


  1. Awards & Prizes will be awarded as published in the Schedule and in sequence. The granting of equal multiple place awards in a single class is not permitted.
  2. In addition to First and Second prizes, Highly Commended awards may be granted to exhibits which are considered worthy.
  3. In the case of Horses and all Livestock, second place Prize Money will only be offered in classes where there are six or more entries.
  4. All prize money will be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer after the conclusion of the Show upon verification of results and finalization of any protests and/or drug test results. Exhibitors must supply a valid BSB and bank account number at the time of submitting entries. Should an exhibitor not submit valid banking details all prize monies will be forfeited.
  5. No decoration, ribbon or award cards, except such as are provided by the Show Council in that year, shall be placed on an exhibit, or affixed thereto, at the exhibition being held.
  6. The following colours shall distinguish the prize award fixed to all exhibits: blue for first, red for second,  white for third, green for fourth, yellow for fifth, and brown for sixth where awarded. Champion, Grand Champion & Supreme Champion (and where applicable Reserve Champion) ribbons will also be awarded. Ribbons only will be affixed in classes where indicated.
  7. All special prizes presented to the Association must be for open competition; i.e. they must not be given for the progeny of any particular animal etc. and shall be governed by the Rules and Regulations of the Association.
  8. Perpetual Trophies must remain on the Showground in the custody of the Association. Where awarded, replicas or certificates will be presented to the person to whom they are awarded.


  1. All Pavilions are closed to the public, exhibitors, and competitors until the first day of the Show.
  2. On each day of the Show the public will be admitted at the published time. For any person leaving the ground, a Pass-Out stamp, if required, will be issued. If reissue of a ticket is required for any reason a Statutory Declaration will be requested to be made.
  3. Any person alleged to have committed misconduct which may bring the Association into discredit shall be dealt with according to the Rules of the Association.
    1. The sale of any exhibits whilst located on the Showground over the advertised dates of the Show shall only proceed with written approval of the Association’s Secretary.  A request to conduct a sale is to be lodged with the Secretary 7 days prior to the first advertised day of the Show for that year.
    2. The supervision and control of a sale shall be in the hands of the Committee of Sales, appointed by the Show Council.
  5. The sale of any exhibits shall be as defined in the conditions of the section. A commission of at least five per cent (5%) shall be paid by each vendor upon the gross proceeds on all sales affected by him/her of exhibits, whether by auction or private treaty and any particulars of such sales, together with a remittance of the amount of the commission, shall be handed to the Secretary by 5.30pm on the last day of the Show.
  6. A maximum of one (1) award of excellence may be authorised by Show Council each year to an outstanding exhibitor from any section of the Show.
  7. The annual subscription of members shall be determined by the Show Council no sooner than six (6) calendar months before the first day of the forthcoming membership year (January to December). Members shall have the right of membership until the 31st December each year. New members, on payment of one year’s subscription, have rights of membership for year including the next Annual Show at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  8. The following are the privileges of membership:
    1. Admission to the Showground to the Annual Show on production of the appropriate Members Ticket.
    2. Concession on entry fees for exhibits where provided for in the show schedule.
    3. The right to attend all general meetings of members of the Association and to speak and vote on any subject on the agenda for that meeting.
    4. The right to attend any Show Council Meeting and with the permission of the Chairman, speak on any subject, but shall not be entitled to vote at such Show Council Meeting.
    5. With the exception of Junior Members, the right to vote at all the general meetings of the Association.
    6. To be eligible to vote at the Association’s Annual General Meeting or Special Meetings, a Member must be a Financial Member of the Association for at least three (3) months prior to that meeting.


    1. Full Members on payment of $84.00 (incl. GST) shall be issued one Full ticket of membership, not transferable, and two Guests of Member tickets.  Single Members, on payment of $44.00 (incl. GST) shall be issued with one ticket of Membership, not transferable, and Junior Membership (under the age of 16 years) on payment of $22.00 (incl. GST) shall be issued with one ticket of Membership, not transferable. Holders of current Show membership tickets and Guest tickets will be admitted to the ground on surrender of the appropriate ticket for the day in question.
    1. Admission to the ground:









Family Group (4)

Family Group (5)

Competitors PER DAY






Competitors ALL SHOW






Gate Entry PER DAY






Gate Entry ALL SHOW






Early Bird/Online Purchase – Variable Discounts – Go to www.bathurstshow.com.au for details.

  • Competitor’s rates only apply to tickets purchased with entries by closing dates. Adults accompanying child competitors are charged as a concession.
  • Concession Rates apply to Pensioners, Students and Concession Card Holders. Carers providing appropriate evidence such as a Companion Card and accompanying a Concession holder will be admitted free.
  • Children - 6 -16 years, children under 6 FREE.
  • Family Group tickets include a maximum of 2 Adults. (Competitor Discount Not Available).






    2. CHIEF HORSE STEWARD: Richard Hughes
    3. ENTRIES CLOSE: 5.00 pm Saturday 6th April 2019 – LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
    4. REFUNDS: No refunds on horse entries will be made after the closing date. Any refund made will be at the discretion of the ring committee.
    5. DRUG TESTING: Random drug testing will be carried out by a qualified veterinary surgeon.
    6. MEASURING, REGISTRATION ETC: In addition to Rule 2 (h) horses competing specifically in Grand National qualifying events need to be measured, papers sighted, neck numbers stamped and signed and will be verified by the ring steward. Current Show Horse Council of Australasia Inc. certificates accepted.
      1. It is a condition of entry into the Bathurst Royal Show that every prize winner is required to take part in the Grand Parade on the main arena at a time to be decided on Saturday. All open Champion and Reserve Champion riders and horses will be marshaled to lead the Grand Parade. All trophy winners will be announced beforehand so they can be presented their prize during the ceremony. Failure to parade will entail forfeiture of prize money. Any exemption from the parade must be authorized by the Chief Horse Steward or parade Chief Steward. 
    2. Risk – All competitors ride and/or exhibit at their own risk.
    3. Entry Fees & Refunds – Entry fees as stated at the beginning of Section. No refunds for horse entries will be made after the closing date of entries.
    4. Grand National Qualification – Ring events on Friday & Saturday are run under the Show Horse Council of Australasia Rules and regulations.  A qualifying performance for the 2019 Grand National is gained by placing as Champion or Reserve Champion in Open & Show Hunter – Pony, Galloway or Hack classes at the 2018 Royal Bathurst Show.
    5. Timetable – Times shown are approximate only. Entrants will be required to be ready when called. Minor delays due to special attractions are unavoidable and will require all horses to be on the outside of the arena when announced.
      1. Class Clashes - All effort will be made to minimize clashes in events. When entering Classes please be aware that due to the complexity of the program there are likely to be clashes between some Classes. We are aware of these and every endeavour has been made to eliminate them, where possible. However, due to horses having multiple registrations and riders having multiple classes, as many as six Classes could be run at the same time, in different rings, it is not possible to eliminate all Class clashes. Therefore, where these occur, the Exhibitor may have to make a choice between one Class and the other. Your cooperation will be much appreciated. No refunds.
  3. All prize money will be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer after the conclusion of the Show. Exhibitors must supply a valid BSB and bank account number at the time of submitting their entries. Should an exhibitor not submit valid banking details all monies will be forfeited. Prize money will be issued to exhibitors upon verification of results.
    1. Local Events – riders participating in Local Classes shall be confined to a person whose primary residence is within the Bathurst Regional Council boundaries and/or a 50 km radius from the Bathurst Post Office and/or covered by the postcode 2795. This is to be verified by either a rates notice, drivers license etc. This evidence will need to be supplied at the time of entry for Local Events, when entries are paid, and waivers signed.
      1. All horses participating in Local Events shall be confined to horses within the area stated above, and must be the property of, and exhibited by a local person.
      2. The F.G Hill Trophy is presented for the most successful LOCAL Pony Hack or Hunter in Local, Novice and Open ridden classes. (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday)  Pony up to and including 14hh
          1. Eligible classes include:  15 to 26, 250 to 263, 588 to 604, 612 to 616, and 618 to 631.
      3. The Majestic Enterprise Trophy is presented for the most successful LOCAL Galloway in the Local, Novice, Open and Hunter ridden classes.  (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday)  Galloway over 14hh and under 15hh.
          1. Eligible classes include: 36 to 49, 284 to 293, 545 to 554, 637 to 646.
      4. The Lance Jagoe Memorial Trophy is presented for the most successful LOCAL horse over 15hh in the Local, Novice, Hunter and Open ridden classes.  (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday)  Hack 15hh and over.
          1. Eligible classes include: 63 to 74, 341 to 352, 528 to 537, 652 to 663.  
      1. Horses competing in all ring events every day, with a specified height requirement, either hack or hunter (including harness classes), need to be measured (excluding local horses).
      2. Horses must present to the measurer with a bit in the mouth.
      3. Measuring will be carried out by a member of the SHCA measuring committee under the SHCA rules. Registration papers need to be sighted and breast plates stamped.
      4. A transfer of height will be completed by the measurer and supplied to the horse office, who will amend the Ring Sheets
      5. The measurer will accept SHCA current measuring certificates. Horses will still need to be sighted and verified, and breast plates stamped. Measuring is carried out by Show Horse Council, not the Bathurst AH&P Association.
      6. The Measuring Stewards decision is final.
      7. The Measurer will be available during the following times:
      8. Thursday 2nd May 2019- approx 1pm – 5.pm
      9. Friday 3rd  May 2019 - approx 7am - 9.30am
      10. Friday 3rd May  2019 - approx 2pm – 3.30pm
      11. Saturday 4th May 2019- approx 7am - 9.30am
      12. Saturday 4th May 2019– approx. 2pm – 4pm
      13. Sunday 5th May 2019 - approx 7am - 9.am
      1. Novice classes are for horses or riders who have never previously placed 1st in a similar class at any level at a Horse of the Year Show or Royal Show.
      2. Intermediate classes are for horses or riders who have not placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an individual Hack Class at any Royal Show, including RNA, Bathurst, Toowoomba, Launceston and Geelong Royals. This includes Show Hunters and Working Hunter Classes.
      3. In the Ladies, Gents, Adults or Childs Pony, Galloway or Hack classes, a horse is only eligible for one of the stipulated events.
      4. A horse can enter either Hack or Hunter classes; it cannot enter both unless specifically stated.
      5. Evidence of age of horses and riders may be required.
      6. Stallions can only be shown in stallion classes, excepting harness classes or unless otherwise stated, and must be kept under control at all times. Stallions must be under the control of a person 17 years of age or older. Permission may be sought from the Show Secretary or Chief Horse Steward for a rider less than 17 years of age to ride a stallion less than 12.2hh. Permission must be sought before the closing of entries.
      7. Registration – Horses in the appropriate classes must be registered with their breed societies and copies of the registration submitted with entries. Do not send originals. Certificates remain the property of the Bathurst Royal Show. Owners must be Financial.
      8. Only Ponies or Horses registered with Equestrian Australia (State Branches) Register and Show Horse Council of Australasia or registered with a recognized breed society are eligible for entry in the Novice & Open Pony, Galloway, Hack or Show Hunter classes.
      9. In the event of any dispute regarding status of an exhibit a Statutory Declaration may be required.
      10. SUPREME LED EXHIBIT OF THE SHOW – Eligible horses must be registered with their relevant Breed Association and owners must be current Financial Members. Eligible Classes include.297,381,425,439,445’453’464’684’731,783a,789,871,902,921,951,955,979,992,1005.
      12.  Eligible Exhibits will be asked to present for final Judging on Sunday 5th May 2019 at a time to be confirmed. Only Competitors, Judges, Stewards and the Show President and or his delegate are to be present during the Judging of the Supreme Led Exhibit. A Panel of Judges will be selected to Judge the Supreme Led Exhibit. Judges will remain confidential, unless the Association determines to announce them. A Sash and Invitation will be awarded to every competitor eligible to compete on Sunday.
    4. CONDUCT
      1. Riding & Driving – Persons exhibiting horses are not allowed to ride or drive them on any part of the ground other than that set apart for exhibiting.
      2. Working of Horses – Horses may be worked on the main arena before classes begin each day, and after the conclusion of rings.  Horses will NOT be able to work on the main arena when special attractions are taking place ie this may include lunch breaks. Any rider working horses during the above designated times will still need to wear their indemnity wristband.  The river & designated camping areas are NOT to be used as training/work space.
      3. No spectators are allowed in the ring while events are taking place.
      4. Spurs other than dummy spurs ne 20mm in length are not permitted.
      5. Misconduct on the part of any competitor may result in the refusal of future entries.
      6. Horses to be led unless specified.
      7. Pleasure mounts to be ridden in a snaffle bit without nosebands, whips or spurs.
    5. Authority of Chief Horse Steward – The determination of the Chief Horse Steward upon any question or dispute arising in or incidental to the conduct of the ring or the conduct of a competition, parade, exhibition or event therein, or as to the qualifications of any exhibitor, or as to the proper discretion of anything whether animate or inanimate, shall be final and binding upon the society and upon all exhibitors and other persons affected thereby.
    6. Judging of Champions & Reserve Champions – Only first placing in applicable classes shall be eligible for the judging of Champions. Only the remaining firsts and the second place getter to the Champion shall be eligible for the judging of Reserve Champion.
    7. DRUG TESTING – Random drug testing will be carried out by a qualified veterinary surgeon at this show. Exhibits randomly selected to be tested will be escorted from the ring at the conclusion of their class by the Chief Horse Steward. Cooperation is compulsory.  Any horse nominated and on the showground can be Drug Tested whether it competes in an event or not. Any owner and/or exhibitor who presents a horse which tests positive to a prohibited substance will be subject to investigation by the ASC Disciplinary Committee. Any penalty imposed as a result of an infringement will be fully supported by this Association.
      1. Stabling on the grounds is limited; allocation will be the responsibility of the Ring Committee.
      2. The use of personal yards is restricted to specific areas of the showground and must comply with EA & BAHPA guidelines for portable yards (no electric fences/tape allowed). (see bathurstshow.com.au/yard guidelines)
      3. Stable charges are:
      4. Open Yards - $15 per night + a one off $30 bond per yard per horse.
      5. Covered Yards (heavy horses only) - $30 per night + a one off $30 bond per yard per horse.
      6. Enclosed Stables - $40 per night + a one off $30 bond per yard per horse.
      7. Riverbank Yards (own yards) - $5 per night + a one off $30 bond per yard per horse.
      8. Large horses will have priority over large stables & yards and heavy horses will have priority over heavy horse yards.
      9. Those who need stallion boxes for the day MUST book them as per any other exhibitor.
      10. Stables are booked on a 24 hour basis 5pm to 5pm.
    9. Example: Thursday 5pm to Friday 5pm, Friday 5pm to Saturday 5pm, Sunday 5pm to Monday 5pm.
      1. Stables/yards must be vacated by 5pm on the day of departure.
    10. Example: If you are booking a stable for the day and require its use during the day and are competing for example on a Saturday, you would book the Stable for Friday. (Giving you from 5pm Friday through to 5pm Saturday).
      1. Bedding will not be provided.
      1. All stables to be cleaned and bedding completely removed by departure time. Failure to comply will result in the $30 cleaning deposit being forfeited to the Association.
      2. Bond Refunds – Bond refunds will be issued through our online entry system. Our aim is to complete all refunds within 3 weeks of the final day of the Royal Bathurst Show.
      3. Refunds – Because many of our stables are ordered for competitors in advance stabling fees will not be refunded if the stabling is cancelled.
      4. No stabling will be available before Friday 26th April 2019.
    1. CAMPING
      1. Competitors requiring camping sites are requested to book their sites on the entry form included with this schedule.
      1. These camping sites will be charged at a rate of $25.00 per day (Incl GST) for a Standard size car/4wd or 2-3 horse float. $30.00 per day (Inc GST) for a Standard size car/4wd with 2-3 horse float attached or small truck.  $35.00 per day (Inc GST) 4 horse float or larger, a gooseneck or a truck (up to Semi Trailer). Camping fees DO NOT include the use of power, due to limited access to power on site.
      2. Camping Spaces are 3m wide, any awnings etc that exceed 3m will need to pay for an additional camping space.
      3. Note: it is compulsory for ALL leads (even brand-new leads) to have been safety tested & tagged before they can be used on the grounds.
      4. Camping sites are booked on a 24 hour basis, from 5pm to 5pm.
      5. Camping sites must be vacated by 5pm on the day of departure.
      6. Those who have been allocated a camp site will be issued the appropriate vehicle sticker.
      7. The erection of electric fences is NOT permitted in camping or livestock areas of the showground.
      1. Vehicles will only be permitted to enter the Showground if they display the relevant Vehicle Entry Permits.
      1. Areas will be allocated as parking areas for floats & trucks.
      2. Horse Event Vehicles may only enter through the MAIN (PANORAMA) GATE.
      3. The MAIN (PANORAMA GATE) will be closed during Show operating hours except from 0600-0830 hrs each day of the Show and will be staffed from 0600-2330 hrs Friday & Saturday and 0600 -1700 hrs Sunday to allow controlled access and egress for holders of relevant Vehicle Entry Permits.
      4. Holders of Vehicle Entry Permits will have the following access entitlements:
        1. Open vehicle access through the specified Gate from 0600-0830 each day of the Show.
        2. Controlled vehicle access between 0830 and 2330 on Friday & Saturday and 0830 and 1700 Sunday under Ground Steward escort/control.
        3. Restricted vehicle access between 2330 & 0600 on Friday and Saturday nights as required and on application to the Showground Chief Ground Steward or on site Security.
      5. There is to be no unescorted/controlled movement of vehicles on the Showground between 0830 & 2330 on Friday & Saturday and 0830 & 1700 Sunday.
      6. Unregistered Vehicles are not permitted. This includes bikes, Scooters and any motorized vehicles.
      1. Please be aware that Fireworks & Pyrotechnic displays will be conducted on the Main Arena at approximately 8.30 pm on FRIDAY & SATURDAY evenings. Exhibitors & owners are reminded that the safety & control of their horses & livestock are their own responsibility.


      1. Exhibitors & owners are reminded that the safety & control of their horses & livestock are completely their own responsibility and the Bathurst A, H&P Assoc. takes no responsibility for their safety or any damage they may cause.
      2. Fireworks will be held at approximately 8.30pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Exhibitors & owners are reminded that the safety & control of their horses & livestock are completely their own responsibility and the Bathurst A, H&P Assoc. takes no responsibility for their safety or any damage they may cause.
      3. Horses & livestock should not be left unattended, tethered to floats, trucks or structures in the Showground without appropriate care and control being exercised over them.
      4. A limited number of open temporary holding yards will be available to enable the securing of horses for short periods where necessary.


SPONSORS - The Bathurst A H & P Assoc. Inc. gratefully acknowledges sponsorship awarded throughout this section. Please acknowledge these valuable contributors and support those listed in this schedule who support us with such generosity.


Section:  H – HORSES - NOTES



Bathurst Showground PIC (property identity code) NK 045 823



Adult $13.50 per exhibitor per day

Child (6 - 16yrs) $6.75 per exhibitor per day

Adult accompanying 1 - 2 child exhibitors $10.00 per day

(Exhibitors entry tickets to be purchased when entering exhibits)





PHONE: (02) 6332 5800









Riders must book and pay for Stables, Camping, Exhibitor entry tickets and Vehicle Passes with the Bathurst Royal Show Office before 6th April 2019



PONY CLUB – Sunday 28th April


Open to Financial Members in Australia. Run under the rules of Pony Club Association of NSW.  Competitors must be financial members of a Pony Club.


ENTRIES CLOSE:  Saturday 6th April 2019


Entries via online Entry: www.nominate.com.au



8.30 am.  Gear check from 7.30 am Sharp


ENTRY FEE:  $35.00 per Rider flat fee.


PRIZES:  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th - Ribbons.  Prize Ribbons must be collected from Head Steward

STEWARDS:  Members of Bathurst Pony Club Inc



Riders must book and pay for Stables, Camping, Exhibitor entry tickets and Vehicle Passes with the Bathurst Royal Show Office before 6th April 2019




  • One horse, one rider eligible only
  • Jumping cards must be presented BEFORE jumping competitions commence.  No card, no jump.
  • Overall Champions and Reserve for each age division.  Points for teams and pairs will count towards Championships.
  • Boy Rider classes will only be conducted if 5 or more enter in age group
  • Pony Club mount class to be ridden in snaffle bit, no spurs or whips
  • Pleasure Hack – May only be ridden in a snaffle bit with or without a cavesson noseband. No whips or spurs permitted. Reins to be in one hand.
  • Showjumping Course will be AM7 with Jump Off
  • Dressage ring for pony club closes at 1.00pm.


Pony Club horse height classes are not restricted to age groups, they are open to all ages.







ENTRIES CLOSE:  Saturday 6th April 2019


Entries via online Entry:  www.nominate.com.au




ENTRY FEE:  $20.00 per class


PRIZES:  1st $25, 2nd $12. Second place prize money will only be offered in classes where there are six or more entries.

RIBBONS: Up to 12 Exhibits 3 Ribbons

                12 or more Exhibits 5 Ribbons


LOCAL CLASSES (Saturday 27th APRIL 2019)

ENTRY FEE:  $10.00 per class

PRIZES:  1st $10, 2nd $5, Second place prize money will only be offered in classes where there are six or more entries.




Horses entered in classes where height is specified will require measuring. 




Novice classes are for horses or riders who have never previously placed 1st in a similar class at any level at a Horse of the Year Show or a Royal Show.


Please review the Ring Event Regulations for definition of Novice & Intermediate.


Starting time each day: 8 am

Morning Tea:                Approx 10.00 am - 10.20 am

Lunch:                          Approx 12.20 pm - 1.00pm

(Please be ready if there is a change of routine)


RIBBONS: Up to 12 Exhibits 3 Ribbons

                12 or more Exhibits 5 Ribbons






This section is eligible for the Bathurst City Council Supreme Exhibit Prize.


Show Jumping Events will be conducted Friday 3rd – 5th May 2019 inclusive.


The Show Jumping Schedule will be available at: www.nominate.com.au


or by request from the

Show Office, Bathurst Showground, Kendall Avenue, Bathurst NSW 2795


02 6331 3175


ENTRIES CLOSE:  5:00 pm Saturday 6th April 2019


For Individual Classes see p.25


DRESSAGE  - Saturday 27th April Commencing at 9.00am




This Section is eligible for the Bathurst Regional Council Supreme Exhibit Prize.


ENTRIES OPEN: Nominate 5th February 2019

ENTRIES CLOSE:  5:00 PM Saturday 6th April 2019


Entries via online Entry: www.nominate.com.au


Note: All Competitors must be a Member of either EA, Bathurst AH&P Assoc or an Official Dressage Club to be eligible to compete. Proof of Membership and Bridle Number required.


Dressage Competitors who are not members of a recognized club will be given temporary membership for the day of competition only. Subject to Rule 12/6 of the Bathurst AH&P Constitution.


All Club Members from NSW & ACT are invited to compete in the Restricted Classes.


(A completed entry will not be accepted without receipt of the entry fee, all required information and a signed waiver – waivers may be accessed via our website)

Commencing 9.00 am


ENTRY FEE:  $25.00 – Closed Restricted

                   $30.00 - Official




1st $75.00 plus Trophy*, 2nd $35.00, 3rd

$20.00, plus ribbons for 1st to 6th place.


Ponies: There must be 3 ponies entered in a class to run the class as a pony event and be eligible to have separate prizes and prize money. Otherwise, ponies will compete with horses.

1st $75.00 plus Trophy*, 2nd $35.00,

3rd $20.00, plus ribbons for 1st to 6th place.


* Trophy:  A Show rug will be presented to the Highest Score of each Competition in classes 1010,1011, 1012, 1013,1014, 1015

HEAD STEWARD: Leanne Farraway

Ph: 02 6331 3175



This is an Official Competitive and Closed Restricted Event. Competition conducted under EA National Dressage Rules (2019).  The Royal Bathurst Show is an EA affiliated event.

Associate riders must be a member of EA.

For individual Classes see p.24



  • Acceptance of entries will be by date and time of receipt.
  • Entries may be declined without reason.  Limited starts are available in each class.
  • No reserve listings will apply.
  • Timed draw will be emailed or posted.
  • Draw position cannot be changed without the permission of the Head Steward.
  • Scratchings will be accepted up to the close of entry date. 
  • The event will be held in accordance with current EA Dressage Rules as amended 2019. http://www.equestrian.org.au/sites/default/files/NATIONAL_DRESSAGE_RULES_1_JAN_2019_CLEAN.pdf
  • Horses/ponies:  Please indicate on the entry form if your horse is a pony.
  • One rider per horse for the whole event.
  • Horses must display bridle numbers.
  • If you do not have a Bridle Number, you can get one from EA.
  • Callers are allowed.
  • Warm-up.  Please be aware of group riding rules, keep at least 10m from competition arenas.
  • Conditions for Riding Attire & Hats.  As per EA Rules.  Riders must wear an approved safety helmet at all times.
  • Video Cameras and equipment must be kept at least 10 meters from the arena.

All prizes will be paid by electronic Bank Transfer after results are verified



At the third agricultural show in the Bathurst district held at O’Connell Plains in 1861 the first protest against a judge’s decision was made.

 “A ploughman called Joseph Goodacre (ideal name!) wrote to the “Free Press” complaining that the judges of the ploughing section had erred badly, and claiming to be supported in this view by several people, including some committeemen. Oddly enough, Goodacre’s protest was directed not against the awarding of the first prize, which he did not dispute, but at the awarding of the second prize.” No action was taken.

Dressage entry must be accompanied by a disclaimer.














Saturday 27th APRIL 2019


Arena 1 & 2



Prue Spurett, Melinda Hart, Leslie Nalbandian

Ring 1


Local Day



Sunday 28th April 2019



Pony Club


Thursday 2nd May 2019


Ring 1

11:00 AM

Harness Horses & Ponies

Richard Bentley


Friday 3rd MAY 2019


Ring 1

8:00 AM

Novice Ponies, Riders & Australian Saddle Ponies


Ring 2

8:00 AM

Novice Galloways, Hunters, Riders & Thoroughbreds, ANSA, Warmbloods

Maree Walker-Ross

Ring 3

8:00 AM

Novice Hacks, Hunters, Riders

Simon De Leeuw

Ring 4

8:00 AM

Australian Stock Horses

Sam Davidge

Ring 5

8:00 AM

Standardbreds, Baroque, Haflingers, Gypsy Cob, Clydesdale & Heavy Horses


Ring TBA


Tiny Tots


Ring TBA


Special Section - Open Fancy Dress



Saturday 4th MAY 2019

Ring 1

8:00 AM

Open Hacks & Riders

Maree Walker-Ross

Ring 2

8:00 AM

Open Galloways/Working Hunters

Simon De Leeuw

Ring 3

8:00 AM

Open Ponies & Riders

Vanessa Roach

Ring 4

8:00 AM

Show Hunter Ponies


Ring 5


Show Hunter Galloways/Horses

Graham Colvin


Sunday 5th MAY 2019

Ring 1

7:00 AM

Pure Arabians & Arabian Derivatives

Robyn Rogers

Ring 2

8:00 AM


Janet Brown

Ring 3

8:00 AM

Palominos, Buckskins, Pinto, Roan Coloured Horses

Marilyn O’Dea

Ring 4

8:00 AM

Australian Riding Ponies, Any Other Breed

Simon De Leeuw

Ring 5

8:00 AM

Australian Ponies, Shetlands & Miniature Ponies, Miniature Horses

Guy Wailes



DRESSAGE JUDGES –  Prue Spurrett, Melinda Hart, Leslie Nalbandian

* Ring commencement times subject to change please refer to final Catalogue and Chief Horse Steward’s notices.

CLOSED RESTRICTED - 2019 Preliminary 1C
OFFICIAL COMPETITIVE - 2019 Preliminary 1C
OFFICIAL COMPETITIVE - 2019 Medium 4A - Sponsored By: Bathurst Quarries

Event Notes


Contact Details

Michelle /Karen
Bathurst AH&P Association
(02) 6331 3175

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