No-Limits SuperClinic

Duncan Family Residence


No-Limits SuperClinic

9 & 10 March 2019

Duncan Family Residence
775 Werombi Road
Theresa Park NSW 2336

Why SuperClinic?

Maybe you wanna... start your competition year on a flyer?

Maybe you need... a push in the right direction?

Maybe you'd like... to feel like you belong?

Maybe you can't... catch a lucky break?

Maybe you don't... wanna feel like an imposter anymore?


There is. We know that there is better than this, and we know that with a little help, that you can do better, be better and FEEL BETTER! SuperClinic graduates are demonstrating:

  • Competition successes, and the ability to celebrate their success
  • Increased resilience and adaptability when it's needed
  • Focus, motivation and inspiration to set and achieve goals
  • Confidence in their own riding ability
  • Increased sense of self-worth
  • Much greater enjoyment of their riding and their life

Everybody’s SuperClinic experience is different, but a typical story looks a little like this:

“I didn’t really know what the problem was, but I knew that I wasn’t happy with my riding and I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere. I thought SuperClinic might help, but I wasn’t sure - I really thought that was just the way it had to be. I thought SuperClinic might be really helpful for other people, but maybe it wouldn't help ME. 

I couldn’t tell you the exact moment where the penny dropped, but all of a sudden, I was jumping things, thinking things and planning things that just a few days ago were totally IMPOSSIBLE!! All of a sudden I started believing in myself and my horse and we just haven’t looked back. I'm blown away by what we’ve been able to achieve since our first SuperClinic! #EverybodyNeedsASuperClinic !!"

What IS SuperClinic?

SuperClinic is two intense days of full on learning. Starting at 8am, you will use yoga and movement to investigate your mind-body connection. How well does your brain communicate with your body?? Can you move and breathe at the same time? (Kinda important) Then we can introduce some ridden biomechanics so that you can learn how your body affects the way that your horse moves and responds. Then there are dressage and jumping sessions to push the boundaries of what you and your horse are capable of. Along the way, you'll use psychology and mindfulness to explore your own thinking and expose the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

How is SuperClinic different?

The holistic approach means that you get the opportunity to address things that are affecting your riding that would remain untouched by a normal clinic. It's immersive, all-in adventure, you get all the resources you need to find long-lasting answers to things that puzzle you. It's a group of people who are just like you, so you can take home SuperClinic camraderie and turn it into support that you need to shine in your eventing life.

Who is SuperClinic for?

SuperClinic actually provides a level footing for riders of each and every level. A three star rider can have the same stumbling blocks and limiting beliefs as a rider in EvA45, so these two riders can each get a huge amount from their individual SuperClinic experiences. If you think you are repeating the same mistake, are struggling to break free of a particular issue or your riding is not joyful and fulfilling, then no matter your level, SuperClinic is for you. SuperClinic can also be easily adapted for riders from non-jumping disciplines as well.

Who are my instructors?

Your first instructor is Marcia Williamson, who rode her fabulous thoroughbred Kalason to 4 Star level despite one of them being described as 'not a natural athlete' and the other 'not strong enough for the job'. She is currently balancing her riding and coaching with being a mother of two, while also studying a Graduate Diploma of Psychology, to ensure that advice given to students is effective and evidence-based. She thrives on challenging limiting beliefs and is determined to demonstrate the power of mindfulness as she returns to the international levels of eventing.

Keira Byrnes, who will make a cameo to deliver her specialised programs on functional movement and riding biomechanics, has got 4 CCI**** completions to her name. She holds a Masters of Chiropractic and is studying a Masters of Research, giving her a host of evidence-based strategies to improve the way that riders use their bodies. She is passionate about rider’s perception of their own athletic ability and an advocate for equitation science.

What do I get?

Your entry fee covers everything you need for one of the biggest learning experiences of your life!

  • All sessions - 5 sessions per day, including 2 ridden sessions per day
  • Camping for you 
  • A yard for your horse
  • FULL catering - lots of delicious food to fuel your body and mind. All dietary requirements can be catered for, just contact Marcia on 0407 403 802 after entry
  • A goodie bag, and all the post-SuperClinic support and friendship you could need.

Places are strictly limited to 8 riders, to ensure that everybody has the most incredible experience - and there are some already chomping at the bit, so move fast or you WILL miss out! Finally, if you want to speak to a real live person to ask if it's right for you, call Marcia on 0407 403 802

Or... just do it! Enter here!!

No-Limits SuperClinic EARLYBIRD
Full access, closes 8 Feb 2019
No-Limits SuperClinic - Full weekend
Inc 5 sessions/day, camping, yard + YUMMY food!
No-Limits SuperClinic EXPRESS - Sat only
Inc 5 Saturday sessions, yard (if necessary) + YUMMY FOOD!

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Marcia Williamson
Bec Duncan

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