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MEC Members Championships and IQ Tag On Qualifying Event

Roma Show Grounds


Maranoa Equestrian Club (MEC) Members Dressage Participant Championships & Interschool Qld (IQ) ‘Tag-On’ Qualifying Event

 When:  26th & 27th October 2019

Where:  Roma Show Grounds (Bassett Park), Northern Road, Roma

 Entry Fees: 

  • Current Financial Maranoa Equestrian Club (MEC) Members
    • $15 per class (Maximum 3 classes per horse and rider combination) (Riders to select MEC Discount when prompted and a deduction will be applied once relevant classes are entered)
  • Current Equestrian Queensland Member (Non MEC members) NB. Riders will be riding HC and will not be eligible for prizes but can still use the results as an IQ qualifier if eligible
    • $25 per class (Maximum 3 classes per horse and rider combination)

Not a MEC or EQ member? Please contact MEC (mec@hotmail.com.au) to discuss our Restricted Membership option


  • Ribbons to 6th place for each Class (eligible riders only)
  • Junior & Senior ‘Champion’ and ‘Reserve Champion’ for each level up to and including Novice will be awarded.  A open 'Champion' and 'Reserve Champion' for Elementary will be awarded (Conditions apply - See note 6 in 'Condition of entry')
  • NO overall Champion will be awarded for Medium



SATURDAY 26th October: All Prep and Novice classes - approximate start 1pm

SUNDAY 27th October:  All Prelim, Elementary and Medium classes - appox. start 8am

*Remember when nominating, maximum 3 tests per horse per day; over two consecutive levels

JUNIOR (17yrs and Under)

SENIOR (18 years +)

Class 1 Prep A

Class 7 Prep C

Class 2 Prep E

Class 8 Prep E

Class 3 Preliminary 1A     (IQ Qualifier)

Class 9 Preliminary 1A

Class 4 Preliminary 1B     (IQ Qualifier)

Class 10 Preliminary 1C (IQ Qualifier)

Class 5 Novice 2A     (IQ Qualifier)

Class 11 Novice 2A

Class 6 Novice 2B     (IQ Qualifier)

Class 12 Novice 2C (IQ Qualifier)


Class 13 Open Elementary 3A (MEC Members only)


Class 14 Open Elementary 3C (MEC Members only)


Class 15 Open Medium 4A (MEC Members only)

PLEASE NOTE: Current EA Dressage tests used for this

NB. Class 1-12 are Participant classes.  Class 13, 14 & 15 are OPEN to current financial MEC members only, to comply with EQ Participant competition guidelines. Class 13, 14 and 15 are combined Junior and Senior. If 4 or more rides are in both age groups, the classes may be split.

*IQ Riders can nominate for class 10 or 12 as HC if 17years and under.   


MAXIMUM OF 3 dressage tests per Horse per Day  

NB. Horse/Rider combinations can only complete over TWO CONSECUTIVE LEVELS

 *Preparatory Tests:  Open to any horse/rider combination

 Copies of Dressage tests can be located on the Equestrian Qld website (See Conditions of entry)

  • Callers are permitted


To be eligible for a Championship award or class prize – the Rider must have either officially co-ordinated and/or competed at TWO previous MEC Competitions or Clinics during 2019 as a current financial MEC member (at that time) – see Rule 6 for details. 

 ** Rule 16:  Riders (Current financial MEC OR EQ members) who have NOT co-ordinated/competed/participated at two prior MEC events/clinic during 2019 (as a current MEC financial member) are eligible to ride in classes only on a HC (Hors Concours) basis and will not be eligible for Prizes or Championships.  Please indicate HC on entry form where applicable.

Dress:  EQ approved Safety Helmet and appropriate equestrian Riding Boots.  Otherwise appropriate sun safe riding attire and saddlery – neat and tidy (a decision about the use of jackets will be made on the day, by the Organising Committee).

Riders nominating more than ONE horse are accepting that their ride times may be very close together and may have to forfeit a class on the day should they miss their allocated ride times.


ENTRIES CLOSE:  COB Friday 18th October 2019.


All entries are to be done through www.nominate.com.au

The draw will be emailed out prior to the event and displayed at the venue.  Please check on arrival for any late changes to the draw.


Enquiries to:

Maranoa Equestrian Club Inc, mec@hotmail.com.au  


Conditions of Entry

  1. No telephone, fax or late entries.
  2. ALL RIDERS AT THIS EVENT MUST BE A CURRENT FINANCIAL MEC or EQ MEMBER. Entrants ride at their own risk and no responsibility will be taken for loss or damage to rider, horse, spectator or equipment.  All athletes run under the Rules, Regulations and By-Laws of EA and MEC and the rules of the relevant sport.  Riders are responsible to be familiar and practice in accordance to the current MEC and EA Guidelines, Rules, Regulation and By-Laws.  The Welfare and protection of horse and athlete is to remain paramount at all times and in accordance with current EA Guidelines (attached).  Full details can be found on the EA website.  It is the responsibility of the competitor to be familiar with current guidelines and practice accordingly.  The MEC organising coordinators and MEC Committee representative decision on any given competition/clinic day for any given incident remains final.   It may be deemed necessary for any rider to gain clearance from a Medical Officer and/or Vet (where requested) before continuing on in the competition and/or clinic.  If a rider chooses to ignore the request, they compete/remount at their own risk and MEC and its responsible persons take no responsibility or liability with regards to that persons chosen decision. 
  3. Dressage Tests can be downloaded from www.equestrian.org.au/Dressage-rules
  4. The committee reserves the right to alter an event on the program
  6. CHAMPIONSHIP awards:  Relevant for classes up to and including Elementary only.  Horse/Rider combinations must compete in one or both competitions tests at any one level to be eligible for Champion at that level.  Additionally, the Rider must be a current financial MEC riding member and the rider must have co-ordinated and/or participated in at least two (2) MEC Member events (Clinics or competition) as a current financial MEC member during 2019.  Eligible Horse/Rider combinations will be awarded a tally (score) for each Top 6 finish (6th = 1 pt, 5th = 2pts, 4th = 3 pts, 3rd = 4pts, 2nd = 5pts & 1st = 6pts).  The horse/rider combination (eligible) with the highest tally when both test results for that level are combined will be awarded Champion for that level. The second highest will be awarded Reserve champion.  If more than one Horse/Rider combination has the same points tally at the completion of both tests for that level, the horse/rider with the highest percentage at that level will be considered the Champion or Reserve champion (whichever is applicable). In the event that there is only one or two riders eligible for Champion or Reserve Champion for each class section, NO prize will be awarded unless the horse/rider combination achieves a percentage greater than 55% for relevant tests within that level. 
  7. Overall Individual Class Placing’s:  If two or more riders have the same percentage at the completion of the relevant section, this will go back to a count back on the highest dressage collective marks.  If they remain equal, placings will be awarded as equal.
  8. Neat, tidy and safe riding equipment is required at all times – this will be at the discretion of the organising committee and as per event schedule.  Jackets can be worn at the discretion of the riders. 
  9. The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject entries.
  10. Entry fees will not be refunded after close of entries, unless a Veterinary or Doctors certificate is produced within 14 days of the event.  Administration fee is NON Refundable. 
  11. In the case of cancellation of the event, an administration fee of 20% of entries may be retained by the organizers.
  12. Supervision of horses is the sole responsibility of the owner/rider and any horse or competitor behaving in a disruptive or dangerous manner may be eliminated and asked to leave the venue.
  13. If any rider and/or spectator wishes to make a complaint with regards to the any aspects of the event, this must be in writing and must be provided to the organising committee before the conclusion of the event.
  14. If any rider and/or spectator would like to lodge an official protest, this must be accompanied with $50 to the organising committee with the protest in writing, before the conclusion of the event.  The $50 is only refundable if the protest is upheld by the organising committee.  The MEC organising committee decision is final. 
  15. Ribbons to 6th place in all individual classes – If rider is not at presentation, they will forfeit test sheets and ribbons unless self-addressed envelope is provide to the organising committee on the day of the event. 
  16. Riders (riders must be current MEC OR EQ Member) who have NOT co-ordinated/competed/participated at two MEC events and/or clinics in 2019, can ride as Hors Concours (HC) and will be ineligible for placing/prizes.
  17. Judges and Organising Committee decision is final
  18. Completed Release of Waiver of Liability Form must accompany entry form
  19. The riding Draw will be emailed (if address supplied) and/or available to download from Facebook before 10am Friday 25th October 2019
  20. Horse Health Declaration must be handed in at the COMMENCEMENT of the event – NOT BEFORE the event




Please don’t send in with nominations


Junior Prep A - Saturday
Junior Prep E - Saturday
Junior Preliminary 1A (IQ Qualifier) - Sunday
Junior Preliminary 1B (IQ Qualifier) - Sunday
Junior Novice 2A (IQ Qualifier) - Saturday
Junior Novice 2B (IQ Qualifier) - Saturday
Senior Prep C - Saturday
Senior Prep E - Saturday
Senior Preliminary 1A - Sunday
Senior Preliminary 1C (IQ Qualifier) - Sunday
Senior Novice 2A - Saturday
Senior Novice 2C (IQ Qualifier) - Saturday
Open Elementary 3A (MEC Members Only) Sunday
Open Elementary 3C (MEC Members Only) Sunday
Open Medium 4A (MEC Members Only) Sunday

Event Notes

Contact Lloyd at Bassett Park 0408988002

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MEC Committee
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