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A Jump in the Vines 2017 with Charlie Brister and Jade Findlay

Fernances Creek Farm

Fernances Creek
First sessions starts at 8:00am, 7:15 registration

 A Jump in the VInes 2017

 at Fernances Creek Farm
No Refunds two weeks prior to the event. If you cannot attend the event, it will be up to you to find your own replacement using facebook or other means.  You muat book extra meals for friends and family when you book in on nominate as there are limited places for extra meals.
All wet weather news will be on facebook or by email.
No dogs allowed without a leash.
If you are not an EA member then you will need to join our club for insurances purposes when you enter this event.
Yards and paddocks are limited and are on a first come,first save basis.
Enquiries: fernancescreek@gmail.com 
Join Charlie Brister and Jade Findlay for an action packed day of showjumping and eventing while enjoying a gourmet lunch and wine tasting. Bring your non-rider friends and family to watch the action,enjoy lunch and a spot of photography. This clinic caters for riders from 45cm-1.05 on Saturday. This is a great clinic to bring a new horse,gain confidence, sharpen your skills and train for an upcoming event. 
On arrival, register at the clubhouse. Make sure you get your wristband and food tickets when you register. There will be a fire,hot coffee and baked goods. Tack up at least 15 minutes before your class. There are warm up areas in the showjumping and cross country area. Do not jump anything until the instructor arrives.
On Saturday, each rider will receive 2 hours of showjumping training  and 2 hours of cross country training  and a gourmet lunch w/wine.
On Sunday, there is an optional group warm up and round on the course or small group lesson with Charlie. This optional day will depend on numbers and will be confirmed before the event closses. Showjumping heights are to be determined by rider entries and the instructorThis optional day must be booked when you enter for A Jump in the Vines.  This day will be 1.5 hours of riding
There is camping on Friday and Saturday night. When you camp, you have access to the ammenties in the clubhouse.
We have two (only) luxury tents available. There are limited yards,stables and paddocks available and will be on a first come,first serve basis. You can bring your own yards.
If you arrive on Friday night, there is a pub for dinner about 10 minutes away with live music.
If you camp Saturday and want to join us for a BBQ and campfire, you need to book in when you enter. The Pub is also open or you could bring your own.
Sunday morning, there will be hot coffee,tea and breakfast/lunch items on sale in the clubhouse
About Charlie Brister
About Jade Findlay
Please note:

Saturday Rider Clinic Entry Fee - Encourager (45-60cm) w/rider lunch
Heights for show jumping and cross country 45-60cm
Saturday Rider Clinic Entry Fee - Newcomer (60-70cm) w/rider lunch
Showjumping and cross country heights to 70cm
Up to EA 70cm
Saturday Rider Clinic Entry Fee Introductory (60-80cm) w/rider lunch
Showjumping and cross country heights to 80CM
Up to EA80 cm
Saturday Rider Clinic Entry Fee - Introductory Plus (80-1.05cm) w/rider lunch
Intro Riders wanting to train up to 1.05CM
Up to EA80-1.05 cm
Sunday Optional Group Cross Country Lesson with XC round
Indicate height requ
Sunday Optional Group Showjumping Lesson with SJ round
Indicate height requ
Sunday Optional Group Showjumping warm up only and then XC round of your choice
Indicate height requ
Both Days: Jump in the Vines Saturday and Optional Sunday Lessons
Dont forget, you must book yards, camping and additional meals for non-riders when you enter.
Indicate height requ

Event Notes

Daily yard/paddock(First in basis)
Bring your own yard (facility charge for water for
No stables
Powered site(first in basis)
Daily Camping with access to Club House

Contact Details

Sharon and Paul Groves
Sharon and Paul Groves
Fernances Creek Riding Club

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