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2019 ENSW Interschool State Championships

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People who do not wish to volunteer can elect to pay the $50 per rider fee (tick on the next page of entry). If you do not tick this box you will be expected to volunteer at the event.

Important Information

Important Stable, Cabin and Camping Information - READ FIRST BEFORE BOOKING


  1. Those people booking cabins for the whole week will be given preference to those booking cabins for an individual night.
  2.  Riders must depart cabins by 11am on the day of departure and cabins will not be available until 2pm on the day of arrival.


Stables - a compulsory order of 5 bales will be shown on your invoice as a stable admin fee. This is included for all stables booked. Any additional bales can be purchased in addition to these 5 included bales. A stable bond of $80 is payable with the stable booking – this is refunded after the event onto the credit card used if the stable is passed as clean. Please have your stable checked and locked by the stable manager once cleaned.


Cabins are booked for the duration of the event. A cabin key bond of $10 is charged with each cabin booking and is refunded after the event onto the credit card used when the key is returned.


Camp Sites – all are powered and have water. It is important that the correct size of your vehicle is included. Each site includes one power outlet. Should you need more than one connection (eg float and caravan) you will need to book extra sites.


Please Select Yards / Stables / Camping / Cabin Requirements Below

Please note: please advise the number of stables/camping/yards/tack rooms/cabins required in the boxes below. Update your arrival and departure dates and the system will work out how many days/nights/what to charge. Please ensure your arrival and departure dates are correct, as they will default automatically to event dates.

Stables $30 per day (63 left)

Stabling / Camping Details