Swan River Dressage - Event 1 2020 (postponed from Aug 9th)

Brookleigh Outdoor All Purpose Arena

Swan River Dressage
9.00am - 4:00pm


                Dressage with Decorum

Series Event 1 –Aug 23rd (postponed from Aug 9th)

(Event 2 – October 10 & 11, 2020)


Sunday 23rd August

Prep, Participant


Club Members Event

Club EA Tests 

Location – Bottom Outdoor Arena at Brookleigh.

Enquiries: swanriverdressageevents@gmail.com

Our events are friendly & encouraging. Please note that as we only have two arenas we may have to cap numbers on some classes. All results go towards our 2020 Series Leaderboards.

Entries for all events over the weekend will close Sunday August 16th or earlier if classes are fully subscribed. Entries – https://www.nominate.com.au/

Draw – we will endeavour to have the draft draw available on Tuesday August 18th, it will be emailed to you and available on our Swan River Dressage website www.swanriverdressage.com 



 1A 1C | 2A 2C (Please note - Participant requires EA Membership)

Prep: C  | Para Tests: Upon request.

SRDI Member Tests

Club Member Tests:  EA Tests - Prep C  | 1A | 2A | 3A | 4A  | 5A & FEI on request.


Competitor & Participant 2020 Leaderboards will be run over the SRD August and October events.

SRD Member Leaderboards will include results from the May Virtual Comp, August and October event.

Entry Fees: 

Participant, Prep classes & Para Tests

$35 per EA Test or FEI Test

DDF Levies: $8.00 for one test per horse, $14.00 for two or more tests per horse (official classes only)

Ground Fee: $15.00 per horse per day

Discount: SRDI club members shall receive a discount of $10 applied for each test entered.

Helper Fee: $10 PER test entered - each competitor will be charged a helper fee for the event.  These funds are a contribution to the cost of hiring helpers to run the event.

There are however Helper Duties available to riders if they wish to be paid for doing a helper duty. If this interests you then please advise which of the following tasks you would like to undertake and on which day you would like to help. Writing, Set up, Pack Down, or test collecting.   Helpers must report to the office before their allocated duty to sign in, and at the completion of the duty to collect their payment.

SRDI Member Tests

$25 per test

Ground Fee: $15.00 per horse per day

Helper Fee: $10 per test (see conditions above)

Conditions of entry – approved by the Technical Delegate

  1. All current Covid 19 social distancing requirements must be adhered to at all times.
  2. Entries will close at 9.00pm on the date listed above or earlier if classes are full.
  3. Conditions of entry - by forwarding an entry to Nominate, the rider acknowledges acceptance & understanding of the Conditions of Entry for this event.
  4. Disclaimer of liability – by attending, riders & other attendees acknowledge acceptance & understanding that they participate in this event at their own risk.
  5. Rules - these events will be conducted in accordance with the current EA National Dressage Rules & EA General Regulations.
  6. Levels - a horse or pony can enter no more than 2 consecutive EA levels & compete in a maximum of 3 EA tests per day. (FEI horses can enter no more than 2 tests per day)
  7. One horse, one rider - no horse may compete with 2 riders.
  8. Provisional Draw - the Organising Committee (OC) will endeavour to post this on or before the Monday prior to the event on SRDI’s Website www.swanriverdressage.com 
  9. Final Draw – there will be one Final Draw. The Organising Committee (OC) will endeavour to post on the Thursday prior to the event on SRDI’s Website  www.swanriverdressage.com 
  10. Rights of OCs – ‘OCs have the right to cancel any class or event, to divide any class, to alter advertised times, to refuse any entry, to transfer Athletes between sections of a class, to alter or amend the schedule as the OC sees fit’ (Article 109, Section 4 in the EA General Regulations). Authority to determine eligibility of horse and/or rider for competition – ‘EA or an affiliated organisation conducting dressage competitions on behalf of EA affiliated clubs shall be empowered to refuse any entry, with or without stating reasons. They shall be the sole judges of the eligibility of any horse or rider to compete in any particular level and may transfer any entry of any such horse or rider to any lower or higher-ranking level’ (Article 4.1 in the current EA Dressage Rule Book).
  11. First come best served’ - entries will be on a ‘first come best served’ basis. Once classes fill, if they wish to enter, competitors must either complete the Waiting List Form on Nominate or the SRDI website.
  12. Late entries – competitors who wish to be accepted for a late entry must email a completed SRDI Waiting List Form to swanriverdressageevents@gmail.comThe OC will endeavour to accommodate entries on the Waiting List. Late entry applicants will be contacted & invoiced if an appropriate space becomes available before publication of the draw.  SRDI reserves the right to impose conditions, for example restricting the number of late entry tests a competitor is accepted for at any SRDI event. SRDI will be the sole judge of late entry competitors’ eligibility for any special prizes. Late entry payment – competitors who have their wait listed entries accepted must pay the full entry fees & transmit proof of payment at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the event. Payment must be to –

Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 066 115

Account Number: 1063 4524

Account Name: Swan River Dressage Inc 

Reference: (your name)

  1. Caution Cards – SRDI events are ‘Goodwill’ events. SRDI appreciates the valuable contribution volunteers & officials make to our sport. It supports the mantra: ‘Respect volunteers & officials’. Where a participant or supporter breaches the EA Code of Conduct, Caution Cards will be issued & details noted.
  2. Breaches of EA Code of Conduct - any rider, groom or spectator who breaches any EA Code of Conduct either at or in relation to a SRDI dressage event (this includes social media) may be refused entry, along with their connections, to SRDI dressage events (EA General Regulations).
  3. Enquiries about SRDI draws, schedules etc – please direct enquiries to SRDI Event Secretary


  1. Enquiries at the event - enquiries must be directed to personnel in the office at the event, NOT OC members who are preparing to compete or who are warming down or otherwise attending to a horse’s needs.
  2. Scoring – any query regarding scoring must be referred to a SRDI representative. Under no circumstances are competitors or their connections to approach scorers directly.
  3. Protests – any issues must be lodged in writing during the event as per the EA General Regulations, Article 163.

SRDI Member Leaderboard – to be eligible, horses or ponies must be owned and ridden by a member of SRDI. Points will only accrue from the date the owner or rider becomes a member of SRDI. A horse or pony’s highest percentage in a category at each event in the Dressage with Decorum Series will be accrued in the Leaderboard scores.  The winner of each category will be the horse or pony with the highest aggregate within each category. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the Dressage with Decorum Series Final. For full details, see the SRDI Website.

  1. Ponies - on the day, the rider must be able to provide a current, valid EA Height Certificate showing they do not exceed 149cm with shoes, 148cm without shoes if asked.
  2. EA stallion rules - the current EA stallion rules must be followed
  3. Alterations - the program may be altered subject to the organisers’ discretion.
  4. Helper Fee - Each rider will be charged a Helper Fee, payable on entry. Limited positions helping for payment will be available. Helpers are to be over 15 years of age. Helpers must report to the office before their allocated duty to sign in, and at the completion of the duty to collect their payment fee.
  5. Timing - subtle adjustments to timing of a class may occur such as a consequence of a scratching, a multiple horse rider clash or an unwell judge. Any change will be posted on the SRDI website & will be emailed to competitors. It is the competitor’s responsibility to provide a correct email address for notification of any change to the draw.
  6. Saddlery, clothing & equipment - it is the competitor’s responsibility to comply with the EA rules.
  7. Swabbing - may take place.
  8. Withdrawals and refunds - if a rider finds that he/she must withdraw from a class, and wants to claim a refund, the rider must complete the Application for Refund for a Withdrawal on the SRDI website and email it to treasurersrdinc@gmail.com‘Entry fees will be refunded in full for withdrawals before the closing date of entries. Entry fees will not be refunded after the closing date of entries unless a medical or veterinary certificate is produced within 24 hours of the completion of the event. In such cases, 50% of all fees paid to the club will be refunded.  The refund may not include fees paid to the website hosting the event entry or the financial organisation handling fee payments.
  9. Arena familiarisation – may be held prior to the first test commencing, & may be held during a lunch break. More details will be supplied on the draw.
  10. Riding or handling horses at SRDI events – horses must be entered in a competition on the day to be eligible to be ridden or handled at SRDI events. Exceptions may be allowed if written permission is obtained from the OC.
  11. Postponement, alteration of start times owing to hot weather, or cancellation of events – although it is unlikely, under certain circumstances it may be deemed necessary to postpone or cancel part of, or all of, one or more events on a day or days for reasons of health & safety (eg extreme weather or a bio-security issue).  On such occasions, to defray costs, the OC may choose not to refund entry fees. Insuring against postponement or cancellation is expensive, & SRDI do not believe they can justify charging higher entry fees to cover insurance against such remote possibilities. Examples of situations where postponement or cancellation could occur would be extreme weather forecasts by the Bureau of Meteorology such as gale force winds or lightning, or an outbreak of disease such as Equine Influenza or Hendra Virus. The decision to alter start times, postpone or cancel would be taken by the OC in consultation with the Technical Delegate &/or President of the Ground Jury. It is the competitor who enters responsibility to check if start times have been altered in the case of hot weather.
  12. Riders &/or owners whose entries have been accepted, undertake to indemnify the OC against all claims, losses, suits, and damages made against or suffered by the OC by reason of any negligent act or omission on the part of any riders, trainers or attendants whilst they are attending, riding or otherwise handling a horse, and agree that any act or omission on the part of such riders or attendants found in any action against the Committee to be negligent, shall be deemed to have been negligent for the purpose of any claim under this indemnity. By attending, riders & other attendees acknowledge acceptance & understanding that they participate in this event at their own risk. Neither SRDI, nor the OC, nor their appointed officials accept any liability for any accident, theft or illness to horses, riders, grooms or any person or property whatsoever.
  13. Float yards – may be erected.
  14.  Lungeing - may only be carried out in the area designated for lungeing at the event. The lungeing of a rider mounted in the saddle is not permitted anywhere at an event (EA Rule)
  15. Dogs – no dogs please.
  16. Catering – food and drinks will be available for purchase at the event.
  17. Warm Up – There is an enclosed 60 x 20 sand arena adjacent to the main arena and there is plenty of open space at the back of the main arena to use to warm up.





Sunday 23rd August- Participant & SRD Member Tests


Participant- Preliminary 1A
Participant Preliminary 1C
Participant Novice 2A
Participant Novice 2C
Participant Prep Test C
Participant Prep Test E

SRD Member Tests

SRD Members Preliminary 1A
SRD Members Novice 2A
SRD Members Elementary 3A
SRD Members Medium 4A
SRD Members Advanced 5A
SRD Members Prep C

Event Notes


Contact Details

0417 124352
Jacqui Moon
0417 124352

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