CDG Members Dressage Event

Caboolture Dressage Group

As per draw


Caboolture Dressage Group

Members Day

Saturday 22nd February 2020


Old Gympie Rd, Caboolture



Entries Close  15th February 2020


Entry Fees: $12 per class.

Competitors can ride two (2) horses and enter up to two (2)  classes per horse, but must accept that rides will be close together. Riders can enter the same class twice, but score from their first test will only be used in the placings.

No late entries please.

Riders must be a current financial member of Caboolture Dressage Group to compete.

Enquiries & Scratchings to:

Karla Farrell 0414 560 472

Prizes: Ribbons to 8th place. Presentation will take place at the completion of the competition.

Yards:  $10 Must be booked with nominations on

Attire and gear is informal but appropriate. Coloured shirts, jodphurs & saddles pads allowed. Plaiting is not required.

Condition of entry: Entry is based on acceptance of the full list of Conditions of Entry which is available for viewing on our website. The onus is on competitors to be aware of the rules that apply to CDG grounds and events.

A Horse Health Declaration must be completed and handed in to Gear Check before riding.





Class 1: Preparatory A

Class 2: Preparatory C

Class 3: Prelim 1A

Class 4: Prelim 1B

Class 5: Novice 2A

Class 6: Novice 2B

Class 7: Elementary 3A

Class 8: Elementary 3B

Class 9: Medium 4A

Class 10: Medium 4B

Class 11: Advanced 5A

Class 12: Advanced 5B

Class 13: FEI any level (any test you wish to nominate

Class 14: FEI any level (any test you with to nominate

Class 15: No judge practice ride in are- na (for 15 minutes) - to be held before competition commences.



The draw will be emailed to competitors and posted on the CDG website and 









Preparatory A
Preparatory C
Preliminary 1A
Preliminary 1B
Novice 2A
Novice 2B
Elementary 3A
Elementary 3B
Medium 4A
Medium 4B
Advanced 5A
Advanced 5B
FEI ANY LEVEL (any test you wish to nominate)
FEI ANY LEVEL (any test you wish to nominate)
No Judge practice ride in arena (for up to 15 minutes) - to be held before competition commences

Event Notes

$10.00 per yard per day

Contact Details
Ribbons to 8th.



  1. ABSOLUTELY NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. If you are easily offended please do not ask.
  2. No telephone, fax or email entries will be accepted.
  3. CDG events are conducted in accordance with the EA rules except where the FEI rules apply.
  4. Scratchings will be accepted up to 9am the day after entries close. Refund of entry fees (minus administration costs) after that time will not be made without a vet certificate or a doctor’s certificate.
  5. A request for refund of entry fees must be made within 14 days of the competition.
  6.  Scratchings on the day to nominated mobile number as listed on schedule
  7. NO dogs are to be brought to the QSEC Outdoor Arena Complex. This rule will be enforced for the safety of all competitors and spectators.
  8. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to alter the program.
  9. In the event of cancellation 30% of entry fees will be retained by the CDG Inc. to cover administration costs.
  10. The Organizing Committee will determine the prize money or goods in kind in accordance with the numbers of entries for all official events as stated on event schedule
  11. Entry and indemnity forms must be completed in full and the correct fees must be included. Nominations will not be accepted if incomplete or payment not received
  12. At official events prize money will be provided by cheque via the mail as soon as possible after the event.
  13. CDG will no longer return tests, rosettes/ribbons etc by mail after an event. Tests will be kept & made available at future events for those riders unable to stay to collect their tests. Test sheets & rosettes/ribbons will be made available 30mins or as soon as possible after the results for a competition have been finalised. Until this time no test sheet will be available to be picked up.
  14. The draw will be posted on as soon as possible after it is completed and emailed to all competitors who provide an email address.
  15. Please note the Nominations Co-ordinator is different for each type of event organised by the CDG (i.e. Members Dressage Mornings, C & P Events & Official Events). Make sure you correctly address your entries to the right Nominations Co-ordinator and do not send them to the CDG post office box.
  16. Spectator entry is via Beerburrum Rd. Competitor entry is via Gate 15 Old Gympie Road or Gate 14 into the QSEC Camping & Stabling Area.
  17. Horses not entered in the event will not be permitted in the warm up area during the course of the event.
  18. Horses wearing rugs, hoods and/or neck rugs are not allowed in the warm up area during the course of the event.
  19. Correct riding attire (boots and Safety Standards Approved helmet) must be worn whilst mounted upon a horse.
  20. Lungeing is only to be conducted at the rear of the warm-up arena close to the boundary fence. Horses must be lunged in a manner that does not disrupt or endanger other horses, competitors or spectators. Lungeing is not allowed in the float parking area. A lungeing round yard is available for your use.
  21. Whilst in the warm-up arena horses must be ridden in a manner so as not to interfere with other competitors. Disregard for this rule or to any directives from a CDG official could entail elimination from the event.
  22. CDG events are run to a TIMED DRAW. Each competitor must be aware of their ride time and report to GEAR CHECK at least 15mins prior to that time.
  23. Competitors must report for a gear check prior to each test.
  24. At C & P, Official and members events competitors must be prepared to ride up to 15mins ahead of their stated draw time. Riders may ride up into a scratching but not down.
  25. CDG officials are not responsible for the organisation of CALLERS. Competitors must make their own arrangements, if callers are permitted.
  26. Riders, mounted on their horse, will move from the FLOAT AREA to the warm-up arena at the walk only.
  27. CDG takes no responsibility for the condition of a rider’s equipment. The onus is on the rider to ensure their saddlery is in a safe & good condition.
  28. Riders are not permitted to mount their horse whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  29. Two bridle numbers must be worn at all times, including whilst in the warm up area, at official competitions and where bridle numbers are in use at our C & P events.
  30. Public are reminded to stay out of the warmup arena at all times. For insurance purposes this will be enforced. Spectators and riders not mounted must stay on the arena side of the dividing fence away from horses and riders warming up.
  31. Junior riders (under 18 years of age) must be under direct supervision of parent/s or guardian/s at all times whilst at the QSEC Outdoor Arena Complex for Caboolture Dressage Group events.
  32. Stallions must display the EA green stallion disc at all times.
  33. Competitors who hire stables must be aware that any damage to your stable must be paid for by you. Competitors are advised to check the condition of the stable before using it & if not satisfied contact the organising committee or stable manager. 
  34. The warm up area for the visually impaired is adjacent to the round yard in the warm up area.
  35.  Competition arenas are not to be accessed by riders on the day of an event except for the sole purpose of competition (i.e. no warm up riding). The OC has the right to open an arena for warm up purposes at the conclusion of an event after the last horse has completed its competition. 

Effective 1/1/15


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