OEC Official and Closed Unrestricted Competition

OEC Grounds at Dubbo Showground

Orana Equestrian Club Inc
  • Scratchings: Rachael Carlton M: 0423 516 977 E: rc@rachaelcarlton.net
  • Stabling & Camping: Nadine Russell M: 0428 873 774 E: pandnrussell@gmail.com


  • All enquiries regarding stabling please contact Nadine Russell M: 0428 873 774                          E: pandnrussell@gmail.com Powered camping sites available on the grounds at $25.00 per night. 
  • Stables $30 per day. A maximum of 35 undercover stables onsite at the showground. 
  • Stables at showground will be allocated first and in order of entries received.
  • Extra bedding is the responsibility of the competitor. 
  • All stables must be cleaned of manure and soiling and left as they were found. A $70 cleaning fee will be charged by council for all uncleaned stables. Booking of stables and camping via nominate.
  • Extra Feed and bedding can be purchased locally from Furney’s Town & Country, 115 Erskine Street, Dubbo  NSW  2830.   Ph:  (02) 6881-8422,  Dubbo Pet & Stockfeed, 14 Jannali Road, Dubbo NSW 2830 Ph: (02) 6884-2798   


  • Please contact the Dubbo information centre to enquire about vacancies on 02 6801 4450
  • Visit My Dubbo website (http://www.dubbo.com.au) for a choice of accommodation and events on in Dubbo


  • Bridle numbers must be worn on both sides of the horse.  
  • The event will be held in accordance with current EA Dressage Competition Rules as amended, except where FEI Rules apply and will include the OEC Competitive and Closed-Unrestricted Dressage Events Conditions of Entry 2020.
  • Competitive and Un-Restricted competitions: Refer to the current  EA Dressage Rule Book and subsequent amendments.
  • Closed Un-restricted– Open only to current financial members of the Orana Equestrian Club Incorporated and current EA members
  • Competitive – Must be an EA competitor member and horse must hold EA full horse registration and meeting state competition licence requirements.
  • Height of horses and ponies: Refer current EA Dressage Rules and subsequent amendments.
  • Entry of horses and riders.  After the close of entries:  a) any change of rider must be notified, in writing, to the OC no later than 40 minutes prior to the start of the competition. However, a rider of a horse may not be changed if another rider has ridden the horse on the day, either in warm-up or in a competition b) after the close of entries a competitor may only substitute a horse with the approval of the OC and no later than 48 hours before the start of an event c) the draw position cannot be changed without the permission of the OC d)   the draw is to be strictly adhered to and changes can only be made by the OC e)    riders with two horses in the draw must compete in the order that the horse/rider combination is drawn f)     a horse may only be ridden by one rider for the entire event except for promotional competitions  ( e.g. Derby)  g)    a horse may only be entered and compete once in each competition (including a HC entry)  h)    the number of horses per competitor is at the discretion of the OC.  Horses may compete at 2 consecutive levels, but not more than 3 competitions per day.
  • HORS CONCOURS (Non competitive): Riders wishing to ride HC/NC must declare their intention in writing before the start of competition (test).  Riders may compete HC/NC at any level below their grading but only one level above.
  • PIC numbers, Bridle & EA numbers must be shown on entry form.  If awaiting issue of either please indicate on entry.  Bridle numbers (2) - one on either side of the horse, must be clearly displayed so that the judge can identify the rider when riding in front of the judges’ vehicle.  Bridle numbers are MANDATORY for official competitions.  
  • Official Competitive competitions: Riders are NOT required to stop at the judge’s car.  
  • Graded Level must be included on the Entry Form for Official Competitive Competitions.
  • EA Registration & Performance Cards must be available on the day of competition (official competitive competitions).
  • Veterinary checks: Random swabbing may take place.  If approached by Official Steward/ Vet Officer of the day, competitors/person responsible for horses must allow samples to be taken from their horses for drug tests. 
  • Entry Fees: As listed on Page 1 – Admin/Ground fees non-refundable – Stable booking non-refundable. 
  • Telephone or late entries will not be accepted
  • Scratchings before the closing date of entries will be refunded as per EA rules. Compulsory admin and ground levy fees are non-refundable. 
  • Scratching after the closing date will not be refunded unless a medical or veterinary certificate is produced within 24 hours of completion of event.  Admin and Ground Levy fees will not be refunded.  Stable booking fees are non-refundable.
  • Callers are permitted in all EA competitions.
  • Gear Check: All competitors must present to the Gear Steward before each competition. Failure to do so may incur elimination.  
  • Warm up Areas: Please use designated warm-up areas, be aware of group riding rules, look where you are going and keep at least 10m from competition arenas.
  • Dogs are not permitted on the OEC Competition Grounds (with the exception of guide dogs) this includes the club house area.  Dogs must be on leads around stable and camping areas.  Children, prams etc are not allowed in the actual competition area.
  • Only horses that are entered in a competition are permitted in the competition area of the show ground.
  • Video Cameras and equipment must be kept at least 10 metres from the arena, preferably at the A end of arena. 
  • The OEC Organising Committee reserves the right to execute these Conditions of Entry and to alter the program at its discretion. 
  • Welfare of the horse is paramount. 

Risk Warning and Disclaimer 

  • Horse riding is a dangerous activity and can result in serious injury (including death) and loss. 
  • All persons who ride, or tend, a horse on these grounds do so entirely at their own risk. 
  • Neither the Organising Committee of any competition to which these rules apply nor the EA accepts liability for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, grounds, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.
  • Competitors taking part shall agree that they will make no Claim against the EA/OEC or the Event Committee in respect of any matter arising from or related to a Standstill.

Preliminary 1 B
Novice 2 B
Elementary 3 B
Elementary 3C
Medium 4 B
Medium 4C
Intermediate B
Intermediate II

Closed Unrestricted Restricted

Preparatory A
Preliminary 1 C
Novice 2 C
Preparatory C

Event Notes

Stables - $30per night
Powered Camping Sites - $25 per night

Contact Details

Nadine Russell
Rachael Carlton


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