SSJC Freshman's Show Jumping 23/8/20

Strathalbyn Polo Grounds

Strathalbyn Show Jumping Club

SSJC Freshman's Showjumping Day    23/8/20

Modified format (incorporating covid-19 restrictions)

2 rings to be run in 3 timeslots:

A             9.00am  to 10.30am        Ring 1    30-45cm

                                                            Ring 2    50-65cm


B             11.30am to 1.00pm         Ring 1    60-75cm

                                                            Ring 2    80-95cm


C             2.00pm to 3.30pm           Ring 1    85cm-100cm

                                                            Ring 2    105cm-height requested


All entries via Nominate. No entries accepted on the day. 

All riders must be SSJC or EA members.  Dress is neat casual.

You will enter a time slot (1 entry per horse) Each ring will go up by 5cm over the 1 ½ hour timeslot. ie ring 1 in timeslot A will start at 30cm and may go up to 35, 40 and 45 cm. During a timeslot you can ride in both rings. You can also enter a second horse in the same timeslot, and enter more than one timeslot, but please be mindful of overjumping the one horse! 

$20 per entry ($15 for SSJC members) gives you up to 4 rounds in either ring. You will be checked in at the gate upon arrival, where you will be given 4 tickets per entry. Please hand a ticket in before commencing each round. 

Max 50 riders per timeslot. Please keep friends/family/helpers accompanying riders to a minimum. 

Both rings will be open for course walk approx. 20 mins before commencement time.

Entries close midnight Friday 21st August. The draw will be emailed to you on the day before the competition. You will be checked in at the gate and if you are not on the draw you will not be allowed to enter the grounds.

Fully catered; food and coffee vans will be on site all day!!!

Stables will be available on the day; please book and pay for these at the clubrooms upon arrival. Old stables $10/day, refurbished stall (across front of blocks; lined and with gate ) $20/day.

You will be required to practice social distancing and use hand sanitiser where provided.

JJ We expect to run under a modified format while the risk of covid-19 is present in the community. At least we are currently able to return to holding events…….better to put up with some inconvenience than have no comps at all! JJ

Any instance of non-compliance with these rules will result in the offender being asked to leave the grounds.

*Please note that as no competitions were able to be held from March through May, your SSJC memberships will be extended by three months (ie valid for 15 months from date of joining).                

9.00am - 10.30am 30-45cm & 50-65cm
11.30am - 1.00pm 60-75cm & 80-95cm
2.00pm - 3.30pm 85-100cm & 105-height as requested

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Mandy Hissey
Mandy Hissey
Strathalbyn Show Jumping Club

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