XC, SJ w/ Jess Rae, Jonathan Angeli & Dressage Protocol w/ Ginny Stubbs

Fernances Creek Farm

Fernances Creek Riding Club
8:00 am sharp for early classes

Cross Country with Jess Rae, Showjumping with Jonathan Angeli and Dressage Protocol with Ginny Stubbs

Important Notices:

1, No refunds 2 weeks prior to event. If you are unable to
ride after entering, it will be up to you to get a replacement rider. We will assist if there are riders waitlisted. If there is wet weather and we decide to cancel, everyone will be refunded. Also if there is a COVID lockdown, riders will be refunded. The COVID register and procedures will be in place in and in accordance with the advice from NSW HEALTH and EA.

2. You must be current EA member or join our club for 35.00 a year. To become a member of our our club: https://www.nominate.com.au/clubs/MemberRegistration.aspx?CID=24 When you accept this entry, you accept the waiver.

3. If you are having problems with Nominate, this person is very helpful: natasha@nominate.com.au 

4. If the class is full enter the next one up or down as we run split classes to accommodate all riders or enter and go on the waitlist.


The Event

Can't make up your mind? Cross Country, Showjumping or Dressage Protocol? Why not do training with all three top level coaches while enjoying a nice social day or weekend away? Choose 1 day or 2 day.

Format of Saturday:

2 hours of cross country with Jess

1.5 hours of showjumping with Will

Rider lunch provided

Format of Sunday

2 hours of cross country with Jess

1 Dressage Protocol Test

Optional Rider Lunch


2 Day Format: (Preferences for 2 day riders)

2 X 2 hours of cross country with Jess (Saturday and Sunday)

1.5 hours of showjumping with Will (Saturday)

1 Dressage Protocol Test (Sunday)

Rider lunch Saturday and Sunday

Camping and Yard included


Sunday Cross Country or Dressage only classes



Are you looking for good training day or outing with experienced coaches? Do you need to get an outing before your next event or improve your confidence in your riding and with your horse?

This will also be a great social event in a beautiful location with great food, camping and yards.  You can ride cross country and showjumping on Saturday and then cross country and dressage protocol on Sunday. Camping and yards for your horse plus rider lunches each day in the clubhouse are provided. Bring your non-rider friends and family for a chill out and lunch. Family friendly and wine orders for over 18's.

Diane from GeoSnapShot will also be on hand to photograph all of the action.


About the facility


Fernances Creek Riding Club is central to Sydney, the Hunter and the Central Coast.  Our facilities include a 40 acre cross country course with over 80 quality jumps from log on the ground (encourager) to 1.05 (pre-novice level).  


We have a water jump, brushes, ditches, lots of portables and some great technical lines and skinnies.


Our eventing paddock is long and wide and offers lots of gallop space and a chance to ride an entire course without stopping or to work on a series of jumping combinations. For those just starting out, the jumps are positioned in groups that allow the rider to take the slower approach.


We also have a full show jumping course on a grassed paddock. There is a comfortable Club House available for riders or spectators. This includes a kitchen, toilet, shower, seating for 50, BBQ and campfire areas. Riders in this clinic will enjoy a nice lunch in the clubhouse along with spectators that have purchased lunches.


Whether you are a novice rider, have a new horse that needs experience or are a seasoned eventer /showjumper, this clinic will cater for your needs.


About the Instructors

Jess Rae is a professional rider, horse trainer and coach at the 4*** level of eventing and at the top levels of show jumping. Jess consistently produces successful results with the horses she rides. Jess is also has a talent for troubleshooting and addresses horse and rider issues .She is a sought after EA NCAS Level 1 Coach and is based at Bimbadeen.  We are pleased to welcome Jess back again.

Read more about Jess: https://www.dynavyte.com.au/equine/articles/new-entry

Watch Jess Ride:https://vimeo.com/341899455




Jonathan Angeli



With over 20yrs experience in the performance horse industry as a rider, trainer, coach, jump judge, course builder and mentor, Jonathan has all of the essential skills, and knowledge to help you connect and communicate with your horse in a positive and soft manner. Jonathan focuses on the horse and as a team to achieve results. Harmony, balance, posture, thought patterns ,correct technique and fun. are the essential ingredients to his success as a coach and trainer. Horses and riders trained by Cosican equestrian over the yrs have gone on to win and place at DWJTS, Small tour dressage, GP Showjumping, * Eventing, Youth Olympics, World Cup Show and many more.

Jonthan has a special connection with horses and riders at all levels. He is also been a long time horse trainer producing pleasing results with young and advanced horses. If you are just starting out or are a seasoned rider, Jonathan will put you through the paces.


Watch Jonathan Ride: https://youtu.be/xXWkNc8-hiY


Ginny Stubbs (DNWS Coach)

Ginny Stubbs is a sought after DNSW judge and will provide feedback on your chosen test. You must answer the compulsory questions when you enter and know the test that you will be riding and Ginny with provide feedback.  We are welcoming back Ginny again after a successful Protocol Day in 2020 and after so much positive feedback in 2020.


How to enter this event:

1. Decide if you want to do eventing and showjumping on Saturday or eventing and dressage protocol on Sunday or if you want to ride both days. If you ride both days, you will receive a discount.

2. Book your yards and camping.(under yards and camping in Nominate)

3. Riders receive a Riders Lunch and if you have spectators joining you, you must book their lunch upon entry. Book extra lunches under Options in Nomimate.

4. We have two luxury tents that can be booked. They sleep two people, complete with cots,mattress,bedding and pillows. (Book these under Options in Nominate)

5.Bring your own breakfasts if you are camping and your waterbottle that can be refilled in the clubhouse.

6.On Saturday night, we will offer a salad, a side and a dessert but it is BYO BBQ meat that you cook on the BBQ. Book the Saturday night BBQ under Options in Nominate.

7. When you enter, please answer all of the questions, especially "what test are you doing in dressage".

8. Priority is given to 2 day riders although every effort will be made to accommodate everyone.

9. If you want to order chilled wine or red, indicate under options.





45-60-75 Saturday Group 1
45-60--75 Saturday Group 2
45-60-75 Saturday Group 3
75-80 plus Saturday Group 4
45-60-75 Sunday Group 5
45-60-75 Sunday Group 6
-60-75-95 Sunday Group 7 with dressage
75-80 plus Sunday Group 8 with Dressage
Sunday Dressage Protocol Only 1 Test (no lunch)
Sunday Cross Country Only 45-75 (with Lunch)
Sunday Cross Country 0nly -75-80 Plus (with lunch)

Event Notes

Yard (first come,first serve)
Both Day Riders-Only indicate yard required
Open paddock with other horses
Camping with access to Club House
Luxury Tents - Sleep 2 for 2 days

Contact Details

Fernances Creek Riding Club

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